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Be prepared for a paintball emergency!  A paintball emergency is when your marker quits working in the middle of a heated match and there's paintballs flying all around you!  OR... The long awaited new tactical paintball marker you ordered from the internet just arrived; you put it together and find out it doesn't work.  While not quie as urgent, this scenario evokes a different typ eof emergency reponse, however none-the-less equally as stressful.

Whichever your situation is, a great stress releif is to know exactly what to do if these scenarios happen to you.  Read our Technical/Troubleshooting Articles for potential solutions to problems and technical advice for your paintball gear.  You can also find helpful hints about how to upgrde your marker with certain accessories.  Our article on 'Troubleshooting Your Paintball Gun' is a great resource as a contact list of paintball company manufacturers.

Visit to find tons of information about paintball and also as your source for discount paintball supplies!  Our article base is always growing as we have numerous contributing authors.  If you would like to contribute an article about paintball, we would be glad to pay you with discounts off our products for your work.  To find out more about this program, read the article, 'How to earn discounts by writing blogs & articles'.

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