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Paintball fields can add a lot of variety to your game.  Playing in different places may help dictate what type of game you can play and also add an unpredictable variable making it more fun.  The location of the field is important as well as the layout and bunker availability within the field.  There are many different types of fields that can be used for paintball.  Paintball fields can be divided into two basic styles - woodsball fields and speedball fields.

There are many commercial fields as well as home fields.  Commercial paintball fields are set up as a business and often ask for entry and rental fees.  While there are not commercial fields in every city, these are usually the most fun to play at because many have elaborate set ups to play in.  Commercial fields are also great for beginners to play at because most of them offer rental gear for a nominal fee; if you don’t have a paintball gun or mask yet, you can still play paintball at one of these fields.

Commercial paintball parks/fields are also great because they often have referees already on the field.  Rules and regulations are already established, so you can be sure everyone plays fair and safety is a priority.  Despite the higher cost, commercial fields are definitely more fun to play at.  The great thing about paintball however, is you can still play even if you don’t have access to one of these parks!  The game still works great in an open field or the woods behind your house.

Woodsball Fields - Woodsball fields are the most common for scenario paintball games. Woods fields vary greatly and there are no two alike.  These fields are great for new or experienced players.  These types of fields can be broken down into a few different categories.

Forest Field · A Forest field is an all-natural playing area.  There are no added bunkers or shields.  Trees, stumps, natural hills and tall grass are the most common bunkers. Players often choose to manipulate these fields by stacking piles of leaves, brush, logs and trees or bunkering down in the tall grass.  These types of playing environments are the best for realistic military mission, scenario type play.

Hybrid Field · These fields are a mix of a speedball field (which is a close quarters field) and a straight forest field.  A hybrid field may be a forest field but with established bunkers such spools, tires or old junk cars as well as other forms of bunkers set up throughout the woods.

Hay Field · These fields are a bit less common than woods fields, but are just as much fun.  Hay fields often have tall stacks of either rolled hay or bailed squares of hay, stacked into piles forming great bunkers.  In a hay field, players may not have solid bunkers such as trees, logs or inflatable bunkers, but hay bails or tall grass can also make for a great game.

Speedball Fields – Timed, fast paced games are usually played on speedball fields.  These are generally capture the flag or elimination type formats.  These games require more close-quarters than most woods games. There are also several different types of speedball fields.  Many of these fields often have large inflatable bunkers set up on both sides of the field with exactly the same layout on each side.

Sup Air Field - Sup Air fields use inflatable bunkers and are commonly used for competition paintball.  Most inflatable bunkers are very strong and made from the same material that white water rafts are made of.  Many Sup Air fields have interesting shaped bunkers such as snaked, Millenniums, beams, cylinders, temples, Doritos etc.  Some companies even offer customized designs of your own.

Hyperball Field - These fields are built out of a combination of things including boards, drainage pipes, car hoods and tires, much like a hybrid field.  Hyperball fields are generally used for very fast paced games and can use all different kinds of bunkers to make the terrain more interesting to play.  This game is a cross between speedball and scenario paintball.

Spool Fields - These fields are made up of large spools such as those used to hold industrial cables or wire.  Spool fields are commonly setup as mirrored fields (exactly the same on each side).  The bunkers on these fields are more limited than on other speedball fields and are usually one spool or several spools stacked up or standing next to each other.

If you have a commercial field close enough to visit, support it by playing there regularly.  As paintball is a niche (not everyone plays or has an interest in it), these businesses often barely scrape by.  By visiting their business and paying them to play, you’re helping keep paintball alive!  Support your local field with your patronage and speak positively about their place.

Fortunately, paintball can be played anywhere there’s an open space – whether you play scenario woodsball or competition style.  Bunkers are easy enough to find for something to hide behind; anything will do as long as you don’t mind getting paint all over it!  If you find an empty field or vacant lot, first try to find the owner to ask permission before playing.  If you play on someone else’s property, remember to be respectful, try not to make a mess and leave it in better shape than when you first came. 
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