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There are several ways to learn about paintball – you can read and study about it, and you can learn about it by actually getting out there and playing.  There’s really no substitute for learning the ropes as you go; immersing yourself in paintball battle is the fastest way to become a black belt ‘baller’.  But there’s something to be said for doing your homework and reading up on the subject before you go – nobody wants to look like a fool their first time on the paintball field!

Paintball Basics & BeginnersPaintball Basics & BeginnersIf you're new to paintball, here's a collection of articles with excellent basic information. How to play paintball, rules of the game, basic strategies and great beginner information of all kinds. Essential safety tips for playing and how to take care of your gear.
Paintball Products & ReviewsPaintball Products & ReviewsDoing your research about paintball products before you buy them is smart; knowing before you go can save you time and money. This collection of paintball articles has information about general and specific paintball products, markers and gear. Also find reviews of paintball fields.
Troubleshooting & Technical InfoTroubleshooting & Technical InfoIt can be extremely distressing if your paintball marker malfunctions, especially in the middle of a game. Check out these articles to read about general and specific troubleshooting tips for paintball guns and related equipment. SponsorshipIf you want to be sponsored by, the articles in this section will tell you how. We also have a great program that allows you to earn money and discounts by writing blogs and articles for our website; read the article for details!
Paintball TeamsPaintball TeamsPlaying paintball on a team is definitely more fun than gunning solo! Here is a collection of articles how to put together your own team, leadership skills and team bios. Most of these articles were written by the teams we sponsor.
Misc. ArticlesMisc. ArticlesWelcome to paintball potpourri! Here is a collection of miscellaneous topics in paintball; from starting a paintball field to how to train to better at your favorite sport. Expert ideas and excellent info; check out these articles to learn more about paintball!

Visit our ‘articles’ section to not only learn about the basics of how to play paintball, but how to fix your gun if it jams as well as tons of information about different paintball gear.  Reading reviews about paintball equipment before you buy it is always a smart strategy.  It’s also smart to learn about all the different positions on the paintball field before playing; this is helpful so you can match your paintball gear with how you like to play.  Become the most valuable player on your team after learning different paintball strategies that work best for your position!

At, we strive to not only offer great prices on a huge selection of paintball guns and supplies, but we also want to be your main source for solid paintball information.  Check back with our forums and articles pages frequently as we have multiple different authors who submit new information regularly.

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