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M203 Military Grenade Launcher Package

M203 Military Grenade Launcher Package

M203 Military Grenade Launcher Package
M203 Grenade Shell
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This is the famous M203 Military Type Grenade Launcher. It is the exact replica of the mounted version used by the elite forces through out the world. The M203 Military Type Grenade launcher package comes with everything you need to mount on any tactical paintball gun and is compatible with most markers. It is quick and easy to install. You can attach it directly to any barrel or to a handguard with help from a 20mm rail.

This package comes with everything you need to use your grenade launcher. Remember, paintball grenade launchers do not actually shoot a shell out; they shoot between 17-25 paintballs when you pull the trigger - much like a shotgun spray. First, load paintballs into the grenade shell, then charge the grenade shell with the AG1 charger from your existing paintball CO2 tank.

Then load the 'live' grenade shell into the grenade launcher... pull the trigger and watch the paint fly! These are best use in fairly close quarter battles; up to 50 feet is the most effective range as your launcher will create an all encompassing spray of ammo. Realistic looking and fun to play with.

Choose between the M68 or M203 grenade shell you want to come with your order. The M68 grenade shell holds .68 caliber paintballs, while the M203 grenade shell holds .43 caliber paintballs.

Key features:
- Heavy duty M203 Military type grenade launcher
- Compatible with all barrels
- Compatible with all grenade cartridges
- Mounts on any 20mm rail

This package includes:
1 x M203 Military Paintball Grenade Launcher
1 x M68 or M203 Thunder Grenade
1 x AG1 Thunder Grenade Charger
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