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M203 Thunder Grenade

M203 Thunder Grenade

M203 Thunder Grenade
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Close quarter fighting will never be the same with extreme fire power from realistic paintball grenades! Rule any action within 25 feet with an iron fist by showering your opponents in paint with the M203 Thunder Grenade.

The M203 Thunder Grenade will fit in all paintball grenade launchers and will fire up to 25 paintballs at once. You can shoot just one paintball out of it if you want, but why would you want to do that? This grenade is known for blasting a wall of paint, blanketing your enemies who dare to come close enough.

The M203 Thunder Grenade will not shoot out of your launcher as a projectile itself. The M203 is first loaded with up to 25 (.43 caliber size) paintballs, then charged with the AG1 Thunder Grenade Charger. This piece transfers air from your existing CO2 tank to power the M203 grenade shell. 

Once loaded (with air and ammo), insert the M203 Grenade into your launcher, pull the trigger and let the paint fly! The M203 Thunder Grenade can operate on either CO2 or Green Gas, however CO2 works the best. It also uses .43 caliber size paintballs.

The new M203 Thunder Grenade now works with a charger that does not require a regulator! This makes it easier to get the right amount of charge and you can save a lot of money when buying a charger that doesn't have a regulator! 

Buy the M203 Thunder Grenade from Choicepaintballguns and still have enough money left over to purchase all the necessary accessories. To be the most destructive force on the paintball field, buy several Thunder Grenades and a belt to carry them for unstoppable action!
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