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Gift Certificates

Did you know you can earn discounts with our store if you help us write content for our website?  That's right!  Help us by contributing your ideas about paintball in blogs and articles and we'll help you out by 'paying' you with discounts off the merchandise we sell in our store.  It's really simple to do.  Blogs are short little articles you write that consist of no more than a paragraph or two.  They can be as short as 3-5 sentences even; and guess what they're about?  For our website.... Paintball!  Paintball product reviews, your favorite paintball gun, paintball team strategies, paintball advice for the beginner and expert..... anything you can of about paintball will make up good paintball blogs.

Articles are a bit longer (but they're still really easy to write) than blogs and consist of a minimum of 3-5 paragraphs, but really don't have a length limitation beyond that.  If you're the kind of player who purchases paintballs or paintball equipment on a regular basis, then you most likely know enough about how to play paintball, paintball guns and paintball equipment to write a little something about it.  In fact, most guys we know can go on and on about paintball for hours!  If this is the case with you, write it down, submit it to us... and get paid for it!  We will also allow you to substitute blogs for articles; basically, 1 article = 3 blogs.

Here's the deal....
If you would like to work with us on this program, first contact us and let us know who you are and that you would like to contribute to our website.  This way we will keep track of how many you've written us and how much we owe you.
It works like this....
1.  Write us 5 Blogs + 1 Article (or 8 Blogs)/month for 3 months and we will give you 10 Bonus Bucks (this is worth $10 discount off any of our          products; also see the rules of Bonus Bucks below).  This means if you write 15 Blogs + 3 Articles (or 24 Blogs) in 3 months time = $10 discount.  You can do this every three months to continue to receive $10 discounts if you want or you can look at another commitment level....
2.  Write us 10 Blogs + 2 Articles (or 16 Blogs)/month for 3 months and we will give you 20 Bonus Bucks ($20 discount).  This means if you write 30 Blogs + 6 Articles (or 48 Blogs) in 3 months = $20 discount.  You can do this every three months to continue to receive $20 discounts if you want or you can look at yet another commitment level....
3.  Write us 15 Blogs + 3 Articles (24 Blogs)/month for 4 months and we will give you 25 Bonus Bucks ($25 discount).  This means if you write 45 Blogs + 9 Articles (or 72 Blogs - that's only 6/week!) = $25 discount.  Again, you can do this every three months to continue to receive $25 disocunts if you want.  

Bonus Bucks Rules
Bonus Bucks are store credit that are earned after writing a certain number of Blogs and Articles for our different sponsorship levels.  Basically, after you've written, submitted (and had approved) the correct number of Blogs and Articles, you earn discounts you can use when making purchases from our store.  You can use them as you get them, or store them up for bigger discounts to be used off larger purchases.  If you decide to store them up, they must be used with the following schedule of purchase totals....
     10 Bonus Bucks can be used off any $50+ purchase
     20 Bonus Bucks can be used off any $100+ purchase
     30 Bonus Bucks can be used off any $150+ purchase
     40 Bonus Bucks can be used off any $250+ purchase
     50 Bonus Bucks can be used off any $500+ purchase
Any more than 50 Bonus Bucks must be used for other purchases; no more than 50 Bonus Bucks can used at one time.  Bonus Bucks cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.  Higher number Bonus Bucks must be used on the next level (regarding the above schedule); this means 20 Bonus Bucks can be used off $100+ purchase, 25 Bonus Bucks must be used off $150+ purchase. 

Rules on Blogs & Articles
Blogs and Articles are to be written on subjects regarding any and all material related to paintball; paintball guns, paintball gear, tactical or competition strategies, product reviews, testimonials or team updates.  See examples of possible blog/article ideas below.  You can also view examples of articles and blogs and get ideas of what we're looking for by studying the Articles/Forum section on www.choicepaintballguns.com, and the blogs on www.choicepaintballgunsblog.com

Blogs must be comprised of a minimum of 1-2 paragraphs consisting of a minimum of 5-10 sentences.  Articles must be comprised of a minimum of 3 paragraphs (comprised of a minimum of 5-10 sentences) with no maximum length requirement; you can make them as long as you want.  You can submit your blogs as a user on www.choicepaintballgunsblog.com (you must first register as a user) or as answers to threads on www.choicepaintballguns.com forum subjects. 

Articles can be submitted to us by email at webmaster@choicepaintballguns.com or danlvsq@yahoo.com.  If you have trouble writing enough content to make complete articles, you can substitute articles for more blogs.  Basically 1 article = 3 Blogs; this substitution can be used to add up a total number of blogs to count towards your discount.  ALL articles and blogs are subject to editing and approval before we will count them as requirements toward sponsorship.  In other words, if we can't use the material you're submitting, they won't count towards Bonus Bucks discounts.

Here are a few topics you can write blogs about....
1. Your favorite paintball equipment/gun and why
2. Being on a team; advantages/why be on a team
3. What do you love about paintball - why do you play
4. What do you dislike about paintball - what would you change
5. Tips for the beginner at his first competition
6. Tips for other teams.... how to train, how to run a team, etc.
7. How does your team practice
8. Current updates about your team... upcoming competitions, what's going on
9. Scenario or speedball - which is your favorite to play and why
10. Scenario or speedball - which is your favorite to compete with and why
11. What are your goals with paintball (or your paintball team); how do you plan on getting there?
12. What paintball gun/equipment would you recommend for a newbie/never played before?.... guns, CO2 tank, jersey/vest, paintballs, anything else? etc.
13. Do you have any funny stories about playing paintball... stories from competitions, playing with your friends, other teams, etc.
14. What kind of injuries have you had from paintball? Suggestions about how to avoid injuries when playing paintball
15. What kind of things have you learned from paintball?
16. What kind of mask/goggles do you recommend and why? Which ones have you tried?
17. What do you think about the direction paintball is heading in; direction meaning new equipment coming out, the way competitions are run, scenario paintball getting bigger, etc.
18. What's your favorite paintball brand/company; what do you like that they have/why do you like them?  What's your least favorite paintball company and why.
19.  Product reviews
20.  Testimonials
21.  Competition results

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