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VTac 1 Pod Vest Pouch

VTac 1 Pod Vest Pouch

VTac 1 Pod Vest Pouch
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If you want to play longer than what a 200 round hopper will allow, you must have some way of carrying ammo with you. Fortunately, paintball pods are cheap and readily accessible, however you still need a way to carry them! The VTac 1 Pod Vest Pouch is your answer.
The VTac 1 Pod Vest Pouch was made to fit the Valken VTac Tango or Echo Vest system, however will work on any MOLLE vest system (of any brand). Players enjoy the versatility of 1 pod pouches so they can place them where they want on their vest; one pod here, one pod there or stack several together in one spot. 
The 1 pod vest pouch allows you full control for customizing your vest. The VTac 1 Pod Vest Pouch is made with super sturdy to withstand serious beatings from hardcore play. It features reinforced support straps with a snap and velcro for extra hold.
The pull tabs are extra long and great for easy access and quick release of your pods. The VTac 1 Pod Vest Pouch also comes in several colors to match your favorite camouflage gear; ACU, Marpat (digital camo), Tiger Stripe, Woodland, Black and VCam (eight color desert).
Buy the VTac 1 Pod Vest Pouch from ChoicePaintballGuns for a great low price and the convenience of having it drop shipped directly to your door step. We also carry the full line of VTac vests and pouches for a more complete look. Buy several pod vest pouches at once to stack your vest with ammo and have full control of your custom look.

-Holds 1 POD
-Fits standard molle webbing
-Reinforced support straps with snap and velcro for extra hold
-Extra long TPR pull tabs for quick access to pod
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