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VForce Grill Goggles - Charcoal

VForce Grill Goggles - Charcoal

VForce Grill Goggles - Charcoal
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Paintball goggles that are uncomfortable can make for a short day at the paintball field. Your paintball mask is essential gear; meaning without them, you won't be allowed to play. Take your time deciding which ones offer the best protection, are the most comfortable to wear and for the best price.

This is why many paintballers choose VForce Grill Goggles. This mask has the best combination of wearability, ventilation, quality lenses and hi-tech look. The VForce Grill Goggles will make you look like you're a character from Star Wars! You will also love their performance...

Perhaps the greatest feature of the Vforce Grill mask is it's lens. Spherical, sleek, low-profile and excellent, unrestricted peripheral vision; cutting edge, industry leading anti-fog, anti-scratch lenses also come in awesome different colored mirrored as well.

The body of the VForce Grill mask is a comfortable soft rubber that maximizes bounce factor when hit. Ultra-light design and low profile makes it possible to wear this mask all day and enjoy a reduced target zone. The face grill also features fantastic ventillation for easy breathing; you will barely know you're wearing a mask.

Fast drying, super soft, dual density quick change foam also greatly contribute to the comfort factor. The VForce Grill mask also features a comfortable chin strap to help keep it stable and secure for fast action play. This paintball mask also comes with a soft cloth carry sack that can also be used as a lens cleaning cloth.

Excellent hi-tech protection that's comfortable to wear and for a great price... at ChoicepaintballGuns! We love offering great quality equipment for discount prices. We want you to have the best online ordering experience possible, so we go out of our way with service.

- ThermoCured™ AntiFog/AntiScratch lenses
- Low-profile, spherical lenses, unrestricted peripheral vision
- Ultra low profile reduces target zone
- Soft rubber face for maximum bounce factor
- QuickChange™ ClickDry™ Foam System
- QuickChange™ lens & chin strap
- FeatherWeight, ultra-lightweight design
- Fast–drying super soft Dual Density Foam
- Detachable Dual Temple Comfort Pads
- Comfort Chin Strap
- Built–in forehead bounce-panel
- Pro Visor for performance in sunny or rainy conditions
- Optional lenses available: Photocromatic, Mirror, Yellow and Smoke
- Installed lens and silicone strap
- 1 visor with the required installation o–rings
- Soft cloth carry–bag

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