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Valken Redemption Vexagon Harness

Valken Redemption Vexagon Harness

Valken Redemption Vexagon Harness
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Super sturdy and quick release for ease of use in the heat of battle. Complete your 2015 Valken Vexagon uniform by getting the matching harness with your Redemption paintball jersey and pants. If you want to intimidate your opponents before the match even starts, this is how you do it! Choose between the 3+6 or 4+7 models. The 3+6 harness will carry a max of 6 pods (or it can carry just 3); the 4+7 harness can carry a max of 7 pods (or just 4 is fine too).

-Double Velcro closure – inner belt is extra wide and lined with neoprene for comfort. Outer belt is ribbed and vented elastic with TPR tab for quick release. Both have elastic with stepped Velcro to be extra snug and completely adjustable.
-Ergonomic lumbar padding – compression molded with channels that let the pack flex with your movements while allowing your back to breathe easy. In the center, a thicker perforated EVA foam pad relieves pressure from your spine and is covered with grippy rubberized mesh to keep your pack in place while being extra breathable.
-Zippered pocket – hidden securely between the inner and outer belt to carry your dollars and keys.
-Stay-open pod sleeves - slick inside so you can get your pods out without a snag, tournament legal padding on the outside to pick up those extra bounces. Extra Velcro on the pod sleeves make sure all sizes of pods fit securely.
-Elastic ejector loops – rubber pads inside keep your pods in place.
-Roll-away pod loops – Velcro when rolled to stay out of the way
-Big strap pull tabs – are easy to grab and made of grippy, textured TPR
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