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TPX Pistol w/Rifled Barrel + Silencer

TPX Pistol w/Rifled Barrel + Silencer

TPX Pistol w/Rifled Barrel + Silencer
10" Rifled Barrel + Special Ops SilencerTPX holsterTPX magazine
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This TPX pistol is already juiced up for James Bond scenario action - but with a sweet barrel upgrade! Remember, the Special Ops Silencer is not a functional silencer and does not actually quiet the gun's shot. It does however give your TPX pistol an awesome tactical look; the silencer screws on just like it would on the real thing!

This package also includes a 10" rifled barrel which will greatly improve the gun's distance and accuracy. A barrel that's 'rifled' is one that contains tiny grooves/tracks cut into it's entire length, much like tiny train tracks. This pattern cuts down on the surface area touching the paintball and provides for a faster exit out of the barrel. The grooves ('rifling') also glide and guide the paintball down the bore, allowing for a more 'spin-free' projection, stabilizing the ball in flight, causing it to fly straighter.

The TPX pistol is powered by a 12g disposable CO2 cartridge that’s punctured by the metal trigger on the first pull. The TPX hides it’s CO2 cartridge underneath the barrel instead of inside the handle; giving the gun a nice balanced feel in your hands. The TPX quick release magazine holds 8 x .68 caliber rounds and is held with a self locking clip; it’s very easy to load and can be changed in a second. The CO2 cartridge is also very easy to load with the cap only taking ¼ a turn to open so you can change to a new cartridge very quickly.

The TPX pistol has some other great features that make it very customizable and ready to upgrade. It has a rail integrated into its body mold located under the barrel; this makes it ready to accept a laser or tactical flashlight with little installation effort. The TPX paintball gun also has the ability to add a remote line with the purchase of the remote line adaptor.

The TPX pistol also boasts an internal regulator and an external velocity adjuster. The regulator keeps air pressure constant, so shooting remains consistent, while the external velocity adjuster allows you to turn up/adjust the speed/velocity of your shot. The TPX .68 caliber pistol will fit any holster that fits large size (.68 caliber) paintball pistols, however the one made specifically for the TPX works best. This holster is also unique in that it’s reversible and can be used for the right or left leg. This pistol will not however fit (any) holster while the silencer is attached.

Check out more exciting features listed below:
• Metal Trigger Punctures C02 On First Pull
• 2 Self-Locking 8-Ball Magazine Clips
• Quick Release Magazine Feed System
• Under Barrel 12 Gram C02 Air System
• Easy To Load 1/4 Turn C02 Cap
• External Velocity Adjuster
• Internal Regulator
• Ability to Add Remote Line
• Ergonomically Designed Grip
• Covered Ammo Windows
• Removable Barrel with X7 Threads
• Maintenance Kit is included
• Deluxe Carrying Case is included

This package comes with:
1 X TPX Tactical Pistol
1 X 10 Inch Rifled Barrel
1 X Special Ops Silencer

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Awesome package!This gun package is a great deal. The pistol shoots awesome... accurate, lightweight; definitely fun to shoot. The rifled barrel also definitely gives a straighter, farther shot; silencer just looks totally cool. 2 thumbs up. Written by Linda Smith on Sat 15 Sep 2012 7:03:51 PM GMT
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