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TPX Night Ops Pistol

TPX Night Ops Pistol

TPX Night Ops Pistol
TPX w/flashlight + laser
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Buy the TPX Night Ops Pistol for exciting night time paintball action! This package includes the popular TPX pistol and a super powerful, quick detachable flashlight. You will have amazing control, speed and accuracy with the supreme fire power the TPX pistol brings to the table.

The TPX is a .68 caliber paintball pistol that's medium to large sized; however handles like a dream! The pistol fits discreetly in a leg holster despite it's size. The TPX has excellent balance and is easy to aim and shoot accurately with very little practice; the gun does it all for you! It also features a realistic 'power kick' when you shoot.

This pistol package teams up with a super brite, quick detachable flashlight making it an excellent bargain. The flashlight not only makes night time play a gas, but also temporarily blinds your opponent if flashed in his eyes! Give your TPX a more intimidating look with the detachable flashlight accessory.

Package includes:
- 1 x Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol
- 1 x Quick Detachable Flashlight

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