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Tippmann TPX Pistol Quick Detachable Flashllight

Tippmann TPX Pistol Quick Detachable Flashllight

Tippmann TPX Pistol Quick Detachable Flashllight
TPX with flashlight
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The Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol Quick Detachable Tactical Flashlight is a super bright pistol flashlight that mounts easily on any standard weaver rail. It works awesome for the Tippmann TPX pistol but perfect for any other large size paintball pistols. Features include a convenient on/off switch and detachable pressure switch; compact size so it still fits in most large size pistol holsters.

Weight: 0.35 lbs
Length: 3.75”
Width: 1.65”
Height: 1.6”

If you've ever missed a shot because you couldn't see your opponent good enough in a dimly lit area, you know the meaning of frustration. A flashlight that attaches to the barrel of your tactical paintball pistol will illuminate your path make you a force to reckon with in any close quarter battle.

Storm the opposition with unadulterated aggression with the Quick Detachable Flashlight attached to your Tippmann TPX pistol! Don't even attempt a night game without a flashlight brightening your play area - you've got to see what you're shooting or all you will do is waste ammo!

The Tippmann TPX Pistol Quick Detachable Flashlight is extremely powerful and one of the brightest flashlights you will find. It will also give you a temporary advantage as it will literally blind your opponents for a few seconds, giving you the perfect opportunity to blast the 'frozen deer' in your headlights!

This Quick Detachable Flashlight also has a built in on/off switch and a detachable pressure switch so you can turn it on remotely next to the trigger of your gun. This flashlight will work with any paintball pistol, rifle or real firearm that has a standard weaver rail and is super easy to install.

The Tippmann TPX Pistol Quick Detachable Flashlight is compact, lightweight and extremely well built; it can handle the shock of hard play and heavy punishment over and over again. But it for a cheap price at! We have excellent service should you have any questions and our checkout is easy, fast and secure.
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