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Command The Front Lines of Scenario Woodsball w/Blinding Accuracy & Deadly Speed When You Shoot a Tippmann TCR Magfed Paintball Gun. We Offer This Realistic Tactical CQB Marker For Sale at The Best Cheap Prices You Will Find Online.

It’s easy to see why so many players are choosing magazine fed paintball guns for scenario woodsball; these guns offer the most realistic experience possible.  While the best looking magazine fed markers for sale are not cheap, many players are quickly dismayed when they realize they’ve traded valuable performance for a more authentic appearance.  Most magfed tactical markers are considerably heavier and bulkier than standard hopper fed guns.  Despite the cooler look, these larger paintball guns are more cumbersome, slower and more difficult to move with, relegating your hard earned skills to the back field.  With the Tippmann TCR magfed tactical marker, you can still enjoy incredible realism without having to sacrifice speed or performance of any kind.  In fact, this Tippmann scenario paintball gun will outshine most others in every position on the woodsball field.  The TCR’s compact size makes it perfect for hot action on the front line and plenty of power for picking off players from a distance.  With such versatility, you would expect a higher price tag, but the Tippmann TCR cqb magfed marker is surprisingly cheap.
Besides being so easy to wield because of its compact size and light weight, the TCR marker stands out as one of the best woodsball guns because it has so many awesome features.  The Tippmann TCR comes with two magazines, a standard 7 ball mag and a 12 ball extended clip for nearly double the capacity.  This tactical cqb marker also allows the use of a hopper and the ability to switch back and forth to mag feed at will, offering incredible flexibility.  Contributing to its ultra light platform, the Tippmann TCR magfed paintball gun is based on the popular TiPX platform so its powered by disposable CO2 cartridges.  Just like its pistol cousin, a cheap priced adapter can be added for the use of a remote line/hpa tank combination for much larger air supplies.  Flip top sites and a collapsible stock give the Tippmann TCR cqb marker the best realistic woodsball appearance while greatly contributing to its accuracy.  For even more precision and distance, the TCR scenario magfed paintball gun is also compatible with the deadly precise First Strike paintballs.  Finally, this gun is covered on all sides with rails for the easy addition of cool accessories like a laser or tactical flashlight.
Besides the cheap asking price and great performance, the Tippmann TCR magfed tactical cqb offers many advantages on the scenario battlefield.  This marker is a hi-tech sub machine gun that will allow you to move like a ninja, darting around the field for coverage from any range and position.  The size, shape and action of the TCR magfed make it the ideal weapon for the mid-player and definitely the front man.  The speed and versatility of the Tippmann TCR deem it the perfect tactical marker for close range fighting.  Filled with First Strike paintballs; the accuracy of this woodsball gun  combined with the deadly precision of this ammo will require much fewer shots allowing you to travel light with only a few magazines.  This is why the Tippmann TCR cqb is one of the best cheap priced tactical paintball guns for a scout.  This marker is also compact enough to comfortably wear it on your back/front with a sling for a terrific, reliable back up weapon, but it’s still easy to carry long distances for large scenario games. 
If you want to add a lot more fun to your scenario woodsball game, command a Tippmann TCR magfed paintball gun as soon as possible.  A dual feed, first strike compatible cqb tactical marker that performs as good as this weapon does should have a lofty price.  However the TCR is very cheap to buy.  It also comes with a solid 2 year warranty from Tippmann, one of the most trusted paintball companies in the business.  We have the Tippmann TCR magfed paintball for sale as well as the best selection of upgrades and related accessories for the lowest discounts you will find.  Buying a good tactical paintball gun is a big decision but we are certain you will be satisfied with the Tippmann TCR scenario marker for a long time.  This gun is very popular however we keep it on hand ready to ship out so you can get the coolest cqb ever made in your hands fast.  If you have any questions about the Tippmann TCR magfed tactical paintball gun, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.

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