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Tippmann Intrepid Goggles

Tippmann Intrepid Goggles

Tippmann Intrepid Goggles
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Without a good mask, you are not allowed to play paintball; in fact, the game is even dangerous. That's why the smartest players choose a mask that's sturdy, reliable and meets all the safety standards. Tippmann Intrepid Goggles are lightweight, comfortable to wear and cheap priced too.

Tippmann Intrepid Goggles provide excellent protection for your eyes and face for any paintball situation. They have plenty of ventilation so you don't get too hot, especially with extreme activity. This, plus an ergonomic frame that eliminates any pressure points on the face head or nose, keep the Tippmann Intrepid Goggles as comfortable as it gets.

The real stand out feature of the Tippmann Intrepid Goggle is the lens. The Tippmann paintball mask features a single pane thermo-cured anti-fog lens that offers superior distortion free vision. The lenses are also wide enough to offer a terrific peripheral/panoramic view of your surroundings. Taking out your lenses for cleaning or upgrading is also a breeze with the Tippmann goggle and it's quick change lens system.

Tippmann Intrepid Goggles are a quality mask with a low end price tag... making them excellent for beginners who don't want to spend a lot to just test the waters. Buy the Tippmann Intrepid Goggles from ChoicePaintballGuns to save money and time; our easy checkout process and fast shipping ensures you get your gear quickly and conveniently.
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