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Tippmann A5 SOCOM M4 Body Shroud

Tippmann A5 SOCOM M4 Body Shroud

Tippmann A5 SOCOM M4 Body Shroud
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To rule the scenario battlefield with authority you need a tactical paintball gun that not only performs well but looks the part too. This is why the Tippmann A5 paintball marker is an excellent choice; this gun not only sports plenty of power and accuracy but provides a terrific base for customizing. To transform your A5 into an amazing M4 variant, add the Socom M4 Body Shroud.
The Socom M4 Body Shroud is super easy to install on your Tippmann A5 and will instantly turn your marker from a basic beginner model into a fierce looking tactical rifle. This body shroud will give your A5 a completely new identity as well as nice stable foregrip to hold for steadier aiming and much better accuracy. The Socom M4 Body Shroud also greatly improves your A5 custom capabilities by adding more rails.
This realistic accessory adds four long rows of military spec accessory rails, including a top rail that runs nearly the entire length of the gun. Besides the fierce look the M4 Body Shroud brings, the extra rails make your A5 much more customizable, offering several platforms for adding more accessories like tactical grips, scopes, sights and even a paintball grenade launcher.
Transform your Tippmann A5 into a custom tactical rifle with the Rap4 Socom M4 Body Shroud. Buy this accessory from our online store and you will save time and money with our easy checkout process that’s 100% secure. Order now and you can have this top quality Tippmann upgrade conveniently shipped right to your front door. We also have excellent customer service and are ready to answer questions by phone or email.
*This item will only fit on Tippmann A5 models purchased prior to 2011; it will not fit the new Tippmann A5 markers.
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