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Tippmann A5 Frostbite Sniper

Tippmann A5 Frostbite Sniper

Tippmann A5 Frostbite Sniper
tippmann A5 frostbite sniper kit
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Best Long Range Precision Tippmann A5 Paintball Tactical Sniper Rifle Kit features a high performance 18 inch rifled barrel, authentic RIS handguards, full size bipod and precision optics package. If you're looking for both realism and performance, this gun's for you.

The Tippmann A5 Frostbite Sniper Paintball Gun Package comes with:
- 1 x Tippmann A5 Marker with 200 round hopper (450 round optional below)
- 1 x Special Ops Thread On Silencer
- 1 x Tactical RIS Handguard (long)
- 1 x A5 Carbine Stock
- 1 x RIS Bipod
- 1 x 18 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel
- 1 x 7/8 Inch M4 Front Sight
- 1 x 3-9X40 Scope
- 1 x M4 Carry Handle
- 1 x M4/M16 Scope Mount Base
- 1 x SOCOM M4 Magazine

As a sniper, your team often depends on your ability to take out key targets and provide precision cover fire from the background. A sniper paintball rifle that’s not accurate, doesn’t have the range it needs or shoots inconsistently can cause your team to slowly be eliminated because they have a sniper who’s ineffective at his job; a sniper must have a marker that’s reliable. This is why the best paintball snipers choose the Tippmann A5 Frostbite Sniper paintball gun.
With the Tippmann A5 as its base, this rifle is super sturdy, accurate and powerful enough for expert long range shooting. The patented cyclone feed system in the A5 marker can shoot up to 15 bps (without batteries) with virtually no recoil whatsoever. The Tippmann A5 lends a great balanced weight as the centerpiece for any tactical sniper rifle, however after just a few shots with the A5 Frostbite Sniper paintball gun, you will argue it’s the best marker you’ve ever used.
Armed with an 18 inch tactical rifled barrel, the A5 Frostbite Sniper marker will shoot straighter and farther than you've ever experienced. You will be amazed at this marker’s ability to nail pin point targets from far distances over and over again. Add the precision of the 3-9x40 scope and you will become an instant black belt sniper. The scope is mounted perfectly on top of the Frostbite’s carry handle in the best position for optimum use while wearing your paintball mask.
Classic for the Frostbite series of sniper paintball guns, the RIS handguard is not only fierce looking but terrific for adding fun little extras to put the icing on the cake... attach a laser, tactical flashlight or vertical grip for even more flavor on this Tippmann A5 specialty sniper. The M4 SOCOM magazine does not carry/feed ammunition, however adds a fantastic, extremely realistic looking tactical flare for this marker. This is the same with the Special Ops Thread On Silencer; non-functional but amazing appearance.
You will absolutely love the control you have with the Tippmann A5 Frostbite Sniper paintball rifle! Pick off opponents at will from hiding places you've chosen far away and usher your team to victory. Buy this expert sniper paintball marker from our online store for the best price found on the internet. At ChoicePaintballGuns, we are always available to answer questions and help make your scenario paintball game the most realistic and intense possible by offering the best gear for the cheapest prices. **Some assembly required**
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
OohhrraaI love the guns on this site Written by Kellsey Eighmey on Wed 3 Nov 2021 3:11:16 PM GMT
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