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Tiberius T8.1 SOCOM Pistol

Tiberius T8.1 SOCOM Pistol

Tiberius T8.1 SOCOM Pistol
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When the battle comes close enough to use a pistol, every shot must count. A paintball pistol that's unreliable or inaccurate can leave you stranded in the middle of a heated game situation. This is why Tiberius is the pistol of choice by many serious scenario paintballers!

Introducing the new Tiberius 8.1 SOCOM Tactical Paintball Pistol for scenario paintball players and Law Enforcement personnel. Although capable of holding up to eight .68 caliber paintball projectiles in its magazine, the Tiberius 8 Tactical Paintball Pistol is the most compact paintball pistol of its kind.

The magazine holds a 12 gram disposable CO2 cartridge that powers up to twenty four shots before needing replacement. The most unique feature of the Tiberius 8 Pistol is that it reseals itself when the magazine is removed for reloading. Resealing preserves the remaining CO2 pressure and puts the Tiberius 8 Tactical Paintball Pistol in a league of its own.

The Tiberius Special Edition Socom Tac 8.1 Pistol comes with a threaded barrel tip so you can easily remove the mock silencer in close quarters combat, or while holstered. Of course, the barrel tip is threaded, so you can go through the steps of the ominous (and very cool) screwing-on of the silencer.

The T8.1 Socom pistol also comes loaded with a laser for pin point accuracy. You will love the hi-tech pressure switch that activates the laser when you start putting pressure on the trigger.

The Tiberius 8.1 Tactical Pistol is built for high performance. It is highly accurate with a built in regulator that stabilizes paintball velocity under any weather condition, especially during rapid fire. As well, the pistol frame is made of high impact stainless steel, urethane, and aircraft aluminum for the highest durability under rough use.

Buy the Tiberius T8.1 Socom Pistol from Choicepaintballguns and get your order conveniently delivered to your door - fast. Enjoy easy, secure online ordering and nearly immediate processing.

T8.1 Features:
•Unrivaled accuracy with an advanced regulator
•Exceptional range at 280fps
•Gun operates below 350 PSI, ensuring constant performance despite weather or shot rapidity.
•Effective range 75 feet
•Maximum range 150 feet
•Consistent performance under all weather condition and under rapid fire
•Quick release barrel for easy cleaning and maintenance
•Light and compact
•Innovative resealing CO2 system
•8 round magazine-fed system

Marker Includes:
•T8 Pistol
•1x 8 Round Magazines
•Under rail mount
•Mock Suppressor
•Laser Sight w/ Mount & Pressure Switch
•Barrel Cover.
•Allen Key Set

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
simply awesome...there isn't much to complain about regarding this gun.. i guess the only thing i would have to say is that the laser appears to be touchy with it's connections.. other than that.. great power, great accuracy.. amazing accuracy with the first strike rounds. I plan to purchase i rifled extended barrel as the mock silencer has a wider internal circumference and isn't an actual part of the barrel length.. the rifled barrel seems to be the full length.. i will imagine this being even more improvement.. i think this will pose a significant threat on the playing field Written by Nick Clause on Mon 25 Feb 2013 11:01:47 PM GMT
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