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T68 M203 Military Grenade Launcher

T68 M203 Military Grenade Launcher

T68 M203 Military Grenade Launcher
T68 with short grenade launcherT68 with long grenade launcher
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You will leave a path of wreckage and eliminated opponents on the field when you wield the serious power of a paintball grenade launcher. Everyone will want to see the damage you can cause... but no one will want to be in your way!

Attach this realistic M203 Military Grenade Launcher to your T68 tactical marker and you will effectively transform your gun into a small paintball cannon. Shooting this launcher will spray an exploding wall of paint blanketing anything within 50 foot.

The T68 M203 Military Grenade Launcher attaches easily to the T68 Gen7 paintball gun, however requires a 20mm rail (weaver picatinny style) of some type. This accessory will also fit on any other brand of tactical marker as long as it has a weaver rail to attach it to.

The T68 M203 Military Grenade Launcher does not fire out a grenade projectile, but rather a spray of 17-25 paintballs at once. The launcher requires a grenade shell and charger to operate; see options below to add these accessories to your order. It is compatible with either the M68 or M203 grenade shells.

For the most realistic action on the paintball field, attach the T68 M203 Military Grenade Launcher onto your T68 marker. This accessory is fun and exciting to use and you will love how much power it will bring to your game. It is made of all metal construction and will outlast your desire to play.

Buy the M203 Military Grenade Launcher for your T68 paintball gun from Choicepaintballguns for a discounted price. We also sell all the necessary accessories for this unit at cheap prices too. See the options below to add them to your order. Choose between short and long grenade launchers (there is a 3" difference in length).
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