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T68 K36 Socom Kit

T68 K36 Socom Kit

T68 K36 Socom Kit
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Change the look and performance of your paintball marker quickly, easily and for little money with an upgrade kit. This accessory kit is easy to install and instantly transform your marker into the sleek T68 K36 Socom war machine!

Urban warfare and technical, special ops missions require sleek, fast, lightweight equipment. A compact paintball machine gun is perfect for close quarter battle and mid-field range fighting. The T68 K36 Socom Kit will turn your marker into a compact, hi-tech looking sub machine gun ready for fast action. 

The T68 K36 Socom Paintball gun is the perfect weapon for the frontman or scout on patrol. Lightweight for ease of carrying and aiming on the run; this .68 caliber paintball gun is totally realistic because of it's magazine feed capacity and internal flexi air system. The Socom air through buttstock offers a convenient plug location for your remote line.

This means you will need a remote line to connect your gun to it's air tank. However, this configuration will also allow you to attach any size air tank to your paintball gun. It also means your gun is compatible with other flexi-air buttstock options/products.

Covered with rails on top of the aluminum sight rail, the K36 Socom Kit will make your marker super upgradeable and fun to dress up with awesome scopes, sights, flashlights or lasers. The MK23 II SOCOM Silencer included in the kit will really give your gun a fierce special ops look.

Buy the T68 K36 Socom Kit from ChoicePaintballGuns for an easy way to totally juice up your marker! We offer fast, courteous service and easy check out process. Order online and get the parts you want delivered conveniently to your front door.

This paintball accessory package comes with:
- 1 x Tactical RIS handguard Mid (7/8 inch)
- 1 x MK23 II SOCOM Silencer
- 3 x Matador Rail Covers (Black)
- 1 x 12" Raptor Tactical Barrel
- 1 x K36 Aluminum Sight Rail
- 1 x Tacamo Socom Air Through Buttstock

*T68 paintball marker not included.

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