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Grunt Series Faceguard Goggles

Grunt Series Faceguard Goggles

Grunt Series Faceguard Goggles
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If you're a bare minimum player who doesn't like to spend a lot on paintball gear, the Survivor Faceguard Goggles are for you. No frills and gets the job done is the motto of these goggles. While they're not very fancy, they certainly get points for protection.
The Survivor Faceguard Goggles come with a dual coated anti-fog lens and three different inter-changeable colored lenses to change to. While small and to the point, these goggles are great for bare minimum coverage of the most essential part of paintball protective gear. The Survivor Faceguard Goggles are top safety rated for paintball and legal at any field.
Some players don't like the hot, sweaty, hard to breathe and hear anything full-face coverage paintball mask. The Survivor Faceguard Goggle only cover your eyes, leaving your face free for easier breathing and unrestricted hearing and speaking. With minimal coverage on the face, these goggles are the most comfortable to wear and feature a lightweight 35mm nylon band strap (with anti-slip fastener) to adjust for a secure fit.
Buy the Survivor Facegurad Goggles from ChoicePaintballGuns because we have been a trusted source of quality paintball gear for 5 years. You can be sure your transaction with our store is handled securely and immediately. Save money with our low prices, and time with our easy checkout process!
- 35mm blade nylon band with anti-slip fastener
- Double coated anti-fogging lens
- 3 interchangeable colored lenses
- Good ventilation for a comfortable wear
- Charcoal grey
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Simple and sweet; these goggles are bare minimum but do the trick. If you don't want your whole face covered, these goggles are for you Written by Ray Shelon on Tue 24 Apr 2012 5:19:40 AM GMT
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