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Spyder MRX Detachable Foregrip

Spyder MRX Detachable Foregrip

Spyder MRX Detachable Foregrip
MRX Elite
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The Spyder MRX tactical paintball marker is already a totally realistic magazine fed gun, but you can raise it's status even higher when adding a vertical grip. The MRX Detachable Foregrip will give your gun an awesome special ops appearance, not to mention improve its performance.

The Spyder MRX Detachable Foregrip will give you a stable handhold to keep your gun firm against your shoulder for super steady aiming. Holding the vertical grip with your MRX at waste level couldn't feel any more natural for strafing and close quarter fighting.

The Spyder MRX Detachable Foregrip also has another awesome feature. This vertical grip has a pressure switch area; this is a tiny compartment for housing remote pressure switches on lasers or tactical flashlights. Use your vertical grip as the trigger for your lights & sights!

Super sturdy, comfortable ergonomic grip and installs in seconds, the Spyder MRX Detachable Foregrip is a great buy. Your aiming will never be better and your shooting accuracy will improve instantly. Buy it from for fast shipping and a great low price.

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