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Spyder MR100 PRO Pack

Spyder MR100 PRO Pack

Spyder MR100 PRO Pack
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When you're first getting into scenario paintball, start with an initial equipment package that will give you everything you need to get started. The Spyder MR100 PRO Pack is not only a complete kit, it also features one of the hottest paintball guns on the scene today.

The MR100 is a paintball marker that's reliable, easy to maintain, upgradeable and has rugged construction; it's also an excellent beginner's tactical paintball marker. This military style paintball gun is not only an excellent base to learn the ropes of the game but performs well under pressure.

Learn the game without having to worry about equipment malfunctions! The Spyder MR100 is well put together, super sturdy and totally reliable. It's also extremely efficient on air, using less CO2 per shot; this means you can shoot more and play longer on the same CO2 tank as compared to other markers.

The Spyder MR100 uses the technologically advanced 'EKO Valve System', which allows up to 1500 shots from a standard 20oz. CO2 tank (as compared to ~800 from other paintball guns). A comfortable two finger trigger and sturdy aluminum trigger frame makes for easy fast action.

The insides of the gun are simple to take apart for easy cleaning and maintenance; these features include a pull pin top cocking delrin bolt and quick disconnect pin. This gun is .68 caliber, semi-automatic and can be used at any paintball field. It's velocity is adjustable and uses a hopper system to hold/feed paintballs. 

Besides a great marker, the Spyder MR100 PRO Pack also includes a top of the line mask. It's extremely lightweight, comfortable to wear and has great ventilation in front. This package also includes a 140 round gravity fed hopper and 20 oz. CO2 tank.

Buy the Spyder MR100 PRO Pack from Choicepaintballguns for a super low price. We feel it shouldn't cost a lot to get outfitted with quality paintball equipment when you're first starting out. Kingman Spyder makes reliable, top quality guns and gear and we are proud to offer their products at such discounted prices.

This Package Includes: 
(1) - Spyder MR100 Paintball Gun
(4) - ANS 140 Round Pod - Black
(1) - Empire 20 Oz CO2 Tank
(1) - Gen X Global 4+1 Horizontal Paintball Harness - Black
(1) - Gen X Global Standard 200 Rnd Hopper - Black
(1) - Gen X Global X-VSN Paintball Mask - Black
(1) - Play Paintball Wristband
(1)-  Warrior Paintball Squeegee
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