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Sidewinder Scope Mount

Sidewinder Scope Mount

Sidewinder Scope Mount
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Tactical Paintball Gun Weaver Rail Sidewinder Offset Scope Mount...
The Sidewinder Scope Mount is best offset weaver rail for tactical paintball rifles. Includes scope ring mount & 2 side weaver rails for multiple options; easy to install. 

This package comes with:
- Sidewinder Scope Mount
- 1 Rail

For the most awesome tactical marker, add several scopes, lasers and lights to your gun. Adding multiple accessories is great but in most cases not possible... until now. The Sidewinder Scope Mount will not only carry a scope but leaves two other rails for yet more accessories.

The Sidewinder Scope Mount is an integrated system that enables multiple mounting options and configurations, including offset (to see around hoppers) and high rise (to use metallic sights). It offers a sturdy scope ring and two extra weaver style rails for another sight, laser or anything else you can think of!

The Sidewinder Scope Mount system works with all types of scopes, including red dots and crosshair sights. It works with all weaver base rails, anywhere on your marker, and will mount directly to your gun as long as you have a compatible mount. 

The Sidewinder Scope Mount also features 3 offset levels. This allows you to configure the best mounting position for your sights, and clear any obstructions to have a wide, clear downrange view…even around your paintball gun's hopper.

You can also adjust the Sidewinder Scope Mount to be above your marker—adjust it up or down with a turn of the knob to change your impact point, use your existing metallic sights or see over the top of other accessories.

The Sidewinder Scope Mount is made completely out of metal and can be used with real firearms and airsoft guns as well. This unique mount will give you complete control over your scope's horizontal and vertical adjustments, not to mention offering a killer platform for other cool accessories. 

The Sidewinder Scope Mount will add a new dimension to your tactical paintball gun. Use it to customize your marker into a masterpiece no one's ever seen before. Buy yours from ChoicePaintballGuns for a great low price and have it delivered right to your door!
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