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Look Cool & Get the Best Eye, Full Face & Head Protection From a Good Save Phace Sport Utility Mask w/Custom Graphics. We Offer All Styles of Save Phace Paintball Goggles w/Detachable Visors & Military Grade Thermal Pane Anti Fog Lens For Sale at Low Prices

While paintball masks are the only mandatory safety equipment required to play, it’s smart to take your time shopping to make sure you get the best full face and eye protection you can find.  A pair of flimsy goggles made with cheap materials isn’t worth the lower price you paid if they break and cause an eye injury.  Save Phace paintball goggles and tactical sport utility masks are the most durable you will find offering the most reliable eye protection possible.  Besides good coverage, all styles of Save Phace paintball masks feature cool military grade thermal pane lenses, detachable visors and unique graphics with either interesting camo patterns or awesome artwork.  Some Save Phace masks can even be custom painted into whatever awesome creation you can dream up.  Here is a complete selection of Save Phace paintball goggles and masks for sale at the cheapest prices possible…
DISS Series

DISS Series

So Phat Series

So Phat Series

OU812 Series

OU812 Series

Save Phace Grunt Series GogglesSave Phace Grunt Series Goggles
Dope Series

Dope Series

Warlord Alien Skull Paintball MaskWarlord Alien Skull Paintball Mask

One of the reasons Save Phace sport utility masks and tactical paintball safety goggles offer such awesome full face and eye protection is because of the materials they’re made with.  Most lower price masks are made with soft, pliable plastic that bends easily.  While these goggles may be light and easy to move with, they often will not stop an incoming paintball completely.  Save Phace thermal pane lens paintball masks are made with good thick, high grade hard plastic that totally blocks any sting of impact.  Besides the best protection, this material also makes Save Phace masks virtually indestructible; even the detachable visor is made of the same substance.  The hard plastic unique to Save Phace paintball masks is also what makes them an excellent platform for their unique military camo patterns and airbrush painted custom graphics not seen in any other styles.
Besides their lower prices and good full face protection, it’s the eye catching graphics that pull most players toward Save Phace tactical paintball goggles and sport utility masks.  All Save Phace thermal pane lens safety masks start out with a high grade custom airbrush paintjob, then get mass produced and released into the market.  While the mask’s face and forehead are painted, the detachable visor is colored to match for a complete look.  Scenario players love the interesting camo designs for an authentic military appearance, however everyone seems to enjoy the masks painted as realistic skulls and likenesses of heroes from popular action movies or video games.  If you want to stand out from the crowd with a unique style, wear a Save Phace custom painted sport utility mask the next time you play.
While the awesome graphics and cool camo designs tend to attract players going for a custom look, those that seek the best performance choose Save Phace masks because of their good lenses.  Save Phace paintball safety goggles and tactical sport utility masks feature single and dual pane lenses that offer the user a wide panoramic view of their surroundings.  All Save Phace mask lenses are treated with a military grade anti-fog protective coating that’s far superior to other styles of masks.  Save Phace full face masks offer higher performance lenses than the most expensive goggles from other brands but at a much lower price; and still include a detachable visor!  Save Phace thermal lenses are easy to remove for cleaning and upgrading; Save Phace also produces several different lens styles to give your mask a new custom look or enhance its functional use in different tactical scenarios.
In tactical scenario paintball, sometimes games can last for hours.  This means your paintball mask must be comfortable enough so you have proper eye protection for extended periods of time.  Save Phace paintball safety goggles and thermal pane full face sport utility masks have foam strips strategically placed inside to contact different parts of the brow and face for comfort.  The foam is removable, washable and replaceable and sets the Save Phace mask securely and comfortably on the face.  Save Phace custom graphics masks also have good ventilation so there’s plenty of air flow to keep you from overheating.  The detachable visor also works great to lessen the sun glare on the military grade lenses so you can see better and also stay cooler.  All Save Phace paintball mask and goggle styles come with a comfortable, adjustable head strap for a perfect custom fit.
When you buy a good Save Phace tactical sport utility mask, you can expect terrific eye and full face protection.  You can also expect to stand out from the crowd when you wear Save Phace paintball safety goggles in awesome camo or colorful custom graphics no one’s ever seen before.  Besides these top benefits, the military grade thermal pane lenses with incredible panoramic view and cool detachable visor will make you a force to reckon with on any paintball field.  With all of these awesome features, it almost seems unfair you can get any style of Save Phace paintball mask for a lower price than most other top brands – but only when you buy one from our online store!  Save Phace paintball goggles are terrifically affordable for any budget and there are several price gradients to choose from.  We always keep these face masks in stock and stay current with the latest models.  We also have excellent customer service and are always ready to field questions by phone or email; contact us if you would like to know more about Save Phace paintball masks or need help choosing the best one for you.

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