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VTac RM-1 Paintball Marker - Set of 5

VTac RM-1 Paintball Marker - Set of 5

VTac RM-1 Paintball Marker - Set of 5
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The VTac SM-1 is a paintball gun that was made specifically as a rental marker!
Save Money: Durable, Cost-saving engineering & design
Save Time: Super fast cleaning & maintenance Quick turnaround

  • Quick push pin dis-assembly
  • Smooth body design for easy wipe down
  • Rear removable valve system for easy cleaning
  • Closed bolt design helps to eliminate paint and dirt from entering bolt system
  • External lubricating hole (you can put a drop of oil into a hole on the side of the bolt to lubricate the valve system)
  • Reinforced asa adapter inside grip frame
  • Fast locking feed neck with safety notch
  • Built in barrel blocking device
  • External ball detent (easy to clear and replace)
*Include the Valken VTac RM-1 rental marker with your initial field quote and get an even better deal! If you want more than 5 of these guns, we can give you an even better price; please contact us for a quote.
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