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Tactical Red Dot Sight + Laser

Tactical Red Dot Sight + Laser

Tactical Red Dot Sight + Laser
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Paintball Pin-Point Target Accuracy with this Tactical Red Dot Sight and Laser Combination! This is a handy Tactical Red Dot Sight with Laser attached to it’s side for extreme accuracy. Easily attaches to paintball guns & rifles with lever locking quick release weaver style mount.

While most paintball guns have an accurate range of 150-200 feet, red dot scopes and sights work great for dialing in targets. The Tactical Red Dot Sight + Laser will give you a noticeable tactical edge from the very first shot! 
This quality red dot sight made by NCStar offers the perfect range for most paintball markers. You will love how quickly you can dial in targets and how accurately you can nail them with this tactical accessory. The features of the Tactical Red Dot Sight + Laser make it a dream to install and use.
The Tactical Red Dot Sight + Laser has a terrific wide view lens making quick targeting easy for fast, close quarter fighting. For longer shots, dial in your targets even tighter by using the built-in laser!      Place the laser pointer on your target and line it up with the sight's red dot for a pin-point precision kill.
Another great feature of the Tactical Red Dot Sight + Laser is how easy it is to install. The quick release mount offers the simple pull of a lever and your sight can be removed; no tools and attaches in a second. This makes it easy to change out accessories in the middle of the field if necessary.
This red dot sight is a top quality product and will make a huge difference in the accuracy of your marker. We are glad to sell it at a cheap, discount price in our store. Buy the Tactical Red Dot Sight + Laser from Choicepaintballguns for the lowest price on the internet!
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