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Project Salvo Sniper Kit

Project Salvo Sniper Kit

Project Salvo Sniper Kit
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The Tippmann Project Salvo Paintball Gun Sniper Rifle Parts Kit will drastically improve your marksmanship! Transform your Tippmann Project Salvo marker into an elite scenario sniper rifle with insane range & accuracy. Includes an 18” precision rifled barrel, optics package and mount; easy to install with no tools needed.

The Tippmann Project Salvo Sniper Kit Parts Package Includes:
- 1 x M177 Whisper Muzzle Brake
- 1 x 1 inch diameter 18 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel
- 1 x 20mm Look Thru Riser Mount
- 1 x LETS Red Dot 2x42 Sniper Scope
- 1 x Bipod

To excel as a paintball sniper, you must have a paintball marker that's accurate at long distances. You may only have one shot at your target, so your gun must be reliable at shooting very straight and on-point every time. This sniper kit will transform your Project Salvo into a paintball gun you can trust to finish the job... every time! 

The Project Salvo Sniper kit has accessories that will allow your paintball gun to shoot extremely accurately from far distances. The 18 inch rifled barrel will give your ball a straighter, more 'spin-free' trajectory and allow you precise kills with whatever you put in your cross hairs.

Wow your opponents with how you shot them from so far away! The Red Dot 2x42 sniper scope is great for easily dialing in targets quickly, one right after another. This kit also features a bipod with a 45 degree swivel action; excellent for switching to a new target without having to re-set your gun. 

The Project Salvo Sniper marker will be a great gun to carry all over the field with. Fold up the buttstock and bipod and this tactical marker is easy to carry for long treks or stealthier, fast movement to a new hiding spot. Drop and set it up quickly without missing a beat in the action. This kit will expand your Project Salvo's firing capabilities and allow you to be useful in several different spots on the field.

This sniper paintball gun upgrade kit is marked down to sell fast at a super low price. At ChoicPaintballGuns, our goal is to deliver realistic tactical paintball gear that's reliable and backed with warranties by brand name companies. Turn your Project Salvo into a sniper marker you will want to use over and over again!

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