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Project Salvo Enforcer Marker

Project Salvo Enforcer Marker

Project Salvo Enforcer Marker
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Awesome Customized US Army Project Salvo Tactical Paintball Marker...
Accurate and realistic Project Salvo Enforcer tactical paintball gun includes skeleton stock, RIS hand guard and silencer; lightweight, fun to shoot and a great price.

This Package Includes:
- 1 x US Army Project Salvo Marker
- 1 x 12 Inch Raptor Tactical Rifled Barrel
- 1 x Special Ops Silencer
- 1 x Tactical RIS Handguard
- 1 x M4 Carry Handle w/Iron Sight
- 1 x Skeleton Butt Stock

For complete control of the scenario field, you need a tactical paintball marker that's lightweight, easy to wield, fast and accurate. The Project Salvo Enforcer not only looks the part, but will outperform more expensive markers in every way. Equipped with a 12 inch raptor tactical rifled barrel, you will love the controlled precision this gun will bring to your game. Aiming from the waist or the shoulder, the Project Salvo Enforcer nails accurate shots from close or far.

While the Special Ops Silencer does not actually suppress the noise of your shot, it certainly brings an authentic look. The best thing about the Project Salvo Enforcer is the customization possibilities associated with the realistic RIS hand guard. Add a laser, vertical grip, tactical flashlight or awesome, heavy duty paintball grenade launcher with ease!

The M4 carry handle and skeleton butt stock on the Enforcer really make this marker 'pop'. Carry your marker by its handle or attach a scope or sight using an M4/M16 carry handle mount. The skeleton butt stock is terrifically lightweight and gives awesome stabilization for waist or eye level firing.

Buy the Project Salvo Enforcer marker from ChoicePaintballGuns and still leave enough in your wallet to juice it up even further with an electronic trigger, sling and mask (see options below to add these accessories). Order from our store and enjoy the confidence of knowing your order will arrive on time and without problems!

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