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1.  Product Review

1. Product Review

Tell us what you liked/disliked about specific products you use or have tried. Please leave your first name and last initial and also city/state. Thanks for the input!



Please give us your feedback!

Please give us your feedback!

If you liked our website or a specific product, please comment about it in the space below. Please help us build our business with positive feedback about our products or our site. Leave your first name, last initial, town and state after your comment. Thanks!

Our Customers Speak Out.....

Our Customers Speak Out..... is terrific; I love it - it's well planned and easy to use.  Most paintball gun websites are hard to follow/find products and confusing to navigate.  The layout of makes shopping for paintball guns and equipment very easy; I'll definitely be back.  John B., Abingdon, VA.

We've bought several things from and we're always very satisfied with the products and how quickly we get them.  Thanks!  Brandon M., Knoxville, TN.

I'm on a paintball team and we travel for tournaments.  This year we're going to D-Day and is getting us ready!  You have such good prices!  We're loading up on paintballs and 3 of us have bought new paintball guns from to bring to the fight.  Thanks!  Marcus S., Houston, TX.

I don't know much about painball guns, but my sons like to play paintball.  I bought them both "ready to play" paintball gun packages and they both loved them. was easy to use and navigate; I'll be back for more paintball products on the next run!  Thank You.  Amber H., Madison, WI

Most paintball gun websites are confusing and too busy. is easy to use and also has great prices.  I check your site frequently to see what's new or on sale.  Jason M., Dayton, FL. is awesome...... They sponsor us and have helped our Paintball team out alot and we thank them very much.  I would recommend paintballers everywhere to shop here. Any time you need help, just ask them....they are a great paintball gun company and will bend over backwards to help you with all your paintball needs... check them out!  Paintball Team Midwest Assassins, MO.,

"This is the best paintbal site I've found.  You have a huge selection of great scenario paintball products; I'll be buying a gen5 soon.  The prices are excellent too.  I'll definitely be visiting regularly."  Visitor

"Just like everybody said is Great!!!  Before I Bought my paintball gun I surfed the net and looked everywhere; then I found  I compared to other sites and this site is much cheaper.  The customer service is great!!! Believe it or not everytime I have a question about a paintball gun Mr. Dan Levesque gives me the technicalities; he is always available!  I called him at 900pm Eastern time and I live in San Diego; believe me he did answer and entertain all my questions; now that's what I call Customer Service!  He really knows how to value and take care of his customers; un-like other on-line companies once they reach their cut off time you need to wait till the next day.... Within 3 weeks I bought my second RAP 4 paintball gun from this site.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ESPECIALLY THE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND MORE POWER TO!  SEMPER FI! HOORAH!!!"  Dan Q., Camp Pendelton, CA.

"I just bought a Firestorm T68 AK47 paintball gun..... Wow!!! Thank you so much this gun would cost me way way more up here in a store!  It shoots hard! .... it's a great gun . I dont regret buying it from you guys."  Brady V., Canada

"Thank you!  I really like the web site, and I called in, a few weeks ago to get some further information.  The person was VERY helpful and friendly.  I ordered the 5oz. CO2 tank; this is just a sample tank for me to try out.  I needed the special size, (smaller diam. than my 9 oz tanks gave) when it arrives and it fits, I'll be getting a few more, and a buddy of mine will be picking up three for himself as well.  I'm looking forward to doing more business with your company!  Kerry H., Issaquah, WA.

"I called the store owner and personally thanked him and RAP4.  When my order shipped he emailed me right away. has fantastic customer service and has exceeded my expectations."  H. Randolph, N.J.

I bought some .68 caliber clear paintballs and a 6" barrel with removeable muzzle brake for my Spyder paintball gun from your website.  I know I was probably an easy customer to deal with but your customer service was great and easy to work with.  Thanks for answering all the questions I had and the new stuff has been great.  If I ever need anymore paintball equipment, this is the first place I will come to look.  Have a great one and I'll be back for more!  S. Bajek, Wilton, N.H.

Besides the unbeatable prices that these guys have to offer, their customer service is absolutely astounding, I'm starting to regain my faith in humanity. The guys at your store love to sell paintball equipment!  They're always ready and glad to build you custom packages and hunt for the best deal! :)  Anonymous

Hey Dan,
I don't know what to say! It seems I've found a business owner who really has that old-fashioned business ethic and then some.  Had I known, I would've purchased my Project Salvo from you instead of the shop down the street.  But I can tell you this, me and my two sons will be conducting business with you exclusively from now on.  B. Cohen

"I love the selection you have on your website. You have a large variety of competition markers and tons of scenario stuff... Tippmann, Spyder, tactical vests; the landmines and grenades you have are awesome! I would highly recommend to beginners and advanced paintballers - good site if you're looking for a deal!"  M. Kresch

Hi Dan, the P99 package deal you sent arrived a couple days ago. Everything arrived in perfect condition and with no trouble from customs; we were able to buy the 12g Disposable CO2 Cartridges locally and the whole thing is working out great, no problems at all. I have some mates looking into buying paintball guns; I'll make sure to recommend you to them. Thanks for the great service.  Tom, New Zealand

"You guys have great customer service and fast shipping -it's why I decided to order the TPX from you. You got my last order to me fast, and promptly answered my question for the current order. You've earned my future business for anything paintball!"  B. Oberlin, Indianapolis, IN

"I wanted to let you know that I received my package right on time, everything was there and nothing was missing; I love my new Project Salvo! I want to thank you for the service and for the experience of being able to purchase something through the mail without any problems."  Billy S., Auburn, ME

"I purchased a ram combat pistol and second mag from you. Let me start of by saying it was an absolute pleasure dealing with your company; from purchase to play ChoicePaintballGuns has been awsome your shipping was right on time and your customer service is outstanding. I have and will continue to purchase all of my paintball supplies from your company and will and have passed on to my friends and co workers how easy it is to work with your company. I look foward to doing more business with your company in the future."  Norman S., Plantation, FL. 

"The service I receive from Choicepaintballguns is second to none. Being a frequent overseas purchaser of paintball equipment, I'm often at the mercy of a 'you're too far away for me to care' attitude with service, less than detailed product information and costly returns with other internet stores. The guys at Choice treat you like you're just around the corner; whether you need advice on the best buy, equipment compatibility or how to best ship your paintball gear, this company goes out of their way to help so you end up with what you want the 1st time. It seems I've probably tried the bulk of the sites in the US and Canada and have to say these guys are streets ahead in terms of website usability, product info and most importantly - service. Thanks again." John W., New Zealand 

"Wow! is all I can say. Choicepaintballguns must have the best customer service I have ever dealt with. The fact that you gave me a shipping refund when I made two seperate orders at different times went above and beyond! From now on if I ever speak to anyone about where to get their paintball supplies, I will tell them you are the only people to deal with."  Paul A., Brooklyn, NY

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