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Portable Refill Kit

Portable Refill Kit

Portable Refill Kit
Refill Kit + CO2
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It sucks running out of air on the battlefield! The Portable Refill Kit is a cheap, reliable way of re-filling small air tanks quickly and easily. This is not the kit to use, however if you need to refill your 20oz. CO2 tank from a commercial sized refill station.
The Portable Refill Kit is great to use to refill small tanks from another larger full tank. Simply screw on the ASA adapters to a larger full tank and smaller empty tank. Open the valve to the smaller tank first by a few counter clockwise twists, then do the same for the larger tank. 
Wait about a minute for the liquid CO2 to transfer from the larger tank to the smaller and for the pressure in both tanks to equalize. This portable refill kit is great for filling your own small CO2 cylinders of 30g, 45g, 60g, etc. sizes. The refill kit will transfer CO2 from larger tanks (9oz, 16oz and 20oz) in a minute or so. You can fill up to ten 45g cylinders with one 20oz CO2 tank.
If your paintball gun uses small CO2 cylinders for air, the portable refill kit is a must. Smaller size tanks (30g, 45g, 60g and 100g) are often used in tactical markers and fit inside the gun's stock. While this makes the marker extremely realistic, the smaller size tank is rather limited with how many shots it can offer.
The Portable Refill Kit is very valuable to keep you playing longer when your gun uses small air tanks that fit inside the stock. This kit can refill your gun's air tank in less than a minute and is so simple it can be done right on the field.
Buy the Portable Refill Kit from ChoicePaintballGuns for a super low price. The kit is lightweight, easy to carry and store in one of your pockets and cheap to ship. Buy all of your CO2 tanks and accessories from our online store for the cheapest and most convenient way to keep stocked with the best paintball supplies.
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