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Planet Eclipse Gtek - Black

Planet Eclipse Gtek - Black

Planet Eclipse Gtek - Black
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The Planet Ecliplse Gtek is a .68 caliber paintball marker with all the value, reliability and efficiency of the Etek line but with the smooth shooting and quiet sound signature that you’ve come to expect from a modern single-tube spool valve marker. Pull up on the quick release back cap and within its compact, lightweight and low-profile body the Gtek’s all-new and completely unique Gamma Core drivetrain can be found. This new system has been designed and developed to pull off the perfect trifecta of supreme all-weather reliability with optimal shooting enjoyment and exceptional efficiency.

The Gtek has been subjected to and passed the most extreme environmental testing we have ever devised for a new marker. Repeatedly stored at temperatures as low as -20F for days at a time the marker still fires full velocity on the first time of asking, with zero FSDO (first shot drop-off). Cycled for hours at a time at below freezing without stopping to be lubricated, then heated to 100F and cycled for tens of thousands of shots more the Gamma Core is the most robust drivetrain we have ever devised. 

The Gamma Core also utilizes a unique system where the spool and bolt are completely decoupled from each other and where the air that is used to drive the bolt forward is also released down the barrel and not vented into the atmosphere and wasted like in most other systems. This further improves the efficiency of the system as the only air wasted is that which is used to drive the relatively small spool.
  • WEIGHT 931g / 2.05lb
  • LENGTH / HEIGHT / WIDTH 551.6mm / 206.3mm / 34.8mm
  • USER INTERFACE Single push button and trigger
  • DISPLAY LED or optional 32x128 graphical OLED
  • PROCESSOR (VOLTAGE) PIC16F1829 XLP (Extreme Low Power) microcontroller
  • POWER SUPPLY 1 x 9V Alkaline battery (IEC 6LR61 / ANSI 1604A)
  • E-PORTAL Not compatible
  • ASA MOUNT Bolted to frame
  • TRIGGER METHOD Micro-switch
  • TRIGGER MECHANISM Leaf spring return
  • BARREL 2-piece micro-honed Shaft 4/5 compatible (14.5” length) **
  • FEED TUBE Lever operated clamping feed
  • MATERIALS 6061-T6 aluminium
  • GRN composite
  • SOLENOID TYPE Bespoke in-house engineered solenoid assembly
  • BOLT MECHANISM Spool Cure ST1 bolt
  • GRIP TYPE Countoured dual density grip
  • GRIP PITCH 147mm / 5.787”
  • FIRING MODES Semi & Ramping (capped / uncapped)
  • DEBOUNCE MODES 10 debounce modes
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