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Planet Eclipse Complete O-Ring Kit

Planet Eclipse Complete O-Ring Kit

Planet Eclipse Complete O-Ring Kit
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Paintball guns are powered by compressed air or CO2 - pressurized in your air tank. When the gas is released into your marker, the pressure must remain high to be able to blast out a paintball at the right velocity. The O-rings inside your marker keep a tight seal on certain joints and junctures where the pressurized air/gas flows through.

If an O-ring breaks inside your gun, the air will start leaking out and you will lose power or your gun will no longer shoot. Broken O-rings are the most common problem with paintball guns, however fortunately, this is easily remedied.... replace them and your gun will be back in action right away!

This is a complete O-ring kit for the Planet Eclipse Paintball gun. The kit includes one of every O-ring used in all places for your particular Planet Eclipse marker. If you use your paintball gun enough times, you will eventually have to replace an O-ring; it's a smart idea to have an extra set of O-rings so you don't get stranded in the middle of a game! This kit is for several different Planet Eclipse paintball guns; please choose the correct version from the options below.

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