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Matching Jerseys & Pants Give You A Professional Look & Also Offers Protective Padding. Here We Offer Paintball Clothing Uniform Sets & Custom Team Apparel On Sale For Cheap Discount Prices

Complete paintball uniforms give players excellent confidence on the paintball field.  They feel great and make you look and feel like a professional paintball athlete.  Most importantly, a set of matching paintball pants and jersey also provides excellent protective coverage for the roughest, most fun play.  Check out a great selection of name brand paintball jersey and pants clothing combo sets to save big money...

Besides just looking cool, the functional aspect of a paintball uniform is the protection they offer.  In paintball, protection has two purposes; first is protection from being hit by a paintball and second is protection from the environment.  The sting from being hit by a paintball is greatly decreased when it hits a baggy shirt; paintball clothing should be somewhat baggy because of this reason, however not enough to get in the way. 

Most paintball jerseys and pants are also equipped with padded cells located over certain parts of the torso and extremities to protect against coming in contact with the playing environment.  Rough play such as diving, sliding head first, kneeling and crawling is extremely common in a fast game of paintball.  The right padded apparel can make all the difference for bringing your team the victory.

The best paintball pants have padded protection over the shins, knees, hips, thighs and rear.  Jerseys often offer padding over the forearms, elbows, chest and shoulders.  Protective padding on paintball clothing prevents abrasions and bruises and allows more confidence when making big moves.  You can play with reckless abandon when covered with a padded paintball uniform!

Complete paintball uniforms also bring confidence in attitude as well.  When an entire team walks on the field decked out in matching paintball jerseys and pants, it's hard for opponents to not be intimidated.  A complete look also adds a cohesiveness to a team and actually increases their performance on the field!  Professional paintball clothing helps you 'act as if' you play paintball competitively for a living and your game is stepped up as soon as you adorn the gear.

Choose the style of your custom paintball clothing based on what type of game you play.  Most jerseys and pant's designs are more geared for speedball, with less variety in the styles meant for scenario paintballing.  Matching camouflage clothing, BDU's and military apparel is often used in tactical scenario games.  There are however several brands of paintball clothing that offer tactical camouflage fatigues with performance features borrowed from top speedball competition apparel.

Perhaps the best reason to purchase a complete paintball uniform (rather than the jersey and pants separately) is to save money.  Most brands allow a discount when purchasing the complete set of matching garments; this is certainly the case at ChoicePaintballGuns!  If you don't see the brand you want offered, contact us and we can most likely accommodate your request.

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