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How To Be A Paintball Sniper - Strategies For a Sneaky Kill

   So you want to be a sniper. Start out by getting the best in sniper gear.... you'll need an awesome sniper paintball gun, a sniper paintball scope, camo's or a ghillie suit and some paintballs.  Next, you'll need some patience and a strategy about what to do and how to do it!  Check out these tips taken from our blogsite.... .....

   Other than a great sniper paintball rifle with a good paintball scope, snipers don't require massive amounts of specialized paintball gear, just a good sense of where to hide and when to shoot.  The paintball sniper is a player who is willing to be patient, play alone and is confident in his own abilities.  There a lot of great sniper paintball rifles out there to choose from but not one in particular that will outperform any of the others.  There's also not some magical cammouflage that will keep you absolutely hidden; however some good strategy, smart thinking and a little bit of luck can help you become a true paintball sniper.

   Sniper play has a different rhythm than typical paintball play.  A sniper who moves is usually a sniper whose cover is blown.  This means that the true sniper's place is on the ground, silent and still.  Playing sniper requires patience and a willingness to sit quietly, perhaps never seeing another player for the entire game.  Boredom gets the best of most paintball sniper hopefuls.  However if you have a zen disposition, you can rack up some unbelievable eliminations as the other guys fall into your carefully laid trap.

   ghoastsnipe2.jpgOverall, there are generally three strategies for the tactical paintball sniper....
1. The Ambush Sniper.... Take your
sniper paintball rifle and lay in silent ambush , waiting for the opponents attack force to push past.  Ambush snipers can become a clever part of a forward defense strategy.  Done properly, an ambuch sniper can single handedly pick apart an enemy attacking force after it passes.

2. The Ghost Flanker.... The Ghost Flanker is a sniper that plays forward.  While this is much more difficult than laying in ambush, a sniper who's willing to belly crawl into position can get behind or beside an enemy force or defense that has become an abstacle.  Take your
sniper paintball rifle and play forward!

3. Higher Ground.... While one sniper paintball gun doesn't shoot much farther than anoterh, a sniper hide on high ground can add a ton of range to the long shot.  A sweet
Tippmann A5 sniper paintball rifle with an electronic trigger can harass and control huge sections of the field.  Many unit commanders double as snipers on high ground because the high vantage point also givs them a good idea of how the game's shaping up.

Here are some more great tips taken from the 'Sniper Section' of
If you've just bought a killer sniper paintball rifle, here's a few tips on being a bad-ass sniper:
Go Light! Take only what you absolutely need onto the field. Keep cutting back on your ammo until you're just as thin on paint as you dare.
Shoot From a Low Platform. Customize your paintball gun until it shoots from a very low profile. You'll be making your best shots from a prone position and you best lay flat. No bottom-line air. No drop forwards. Use a remote line with your air and get L-O-W to the ground.
Use a Pointsight. You'll need to make your first shots count.  There's no better way to do that than with a paintball laser site or scope (with NO magnification.) You'll have to hold high for distance, but at least you'll know where you're shooting left-to-right.
Crawl Fast Under Cover, Slow in the Open. No matter how good your ghillie is, the opposition will easily spot your movement if you're not behind good cover. That's just how the human eye works. You can crawl fast when you have cover. When you don't, move like a glacier - steady, but slow enough to avoid detection.
Crawl, Crawl, Crawl. Nobody crawls in paintball. It's too much work. That's why it works so dang well. You will be amazed at the unbelievably killer shooting positions you can claim when you use the power of the creepy-crawler!
Play with a Team. A flanker's only as good as the team that's backing him up. What good are heroics if nobody's there to see it (and to take advantage of the hole you just busted in the enemy lines?)


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