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Paintball Mask Ventilation Fan System

Paintball Mask Ventilation Fan System

Paintball Mask Ventilation Fan System
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You can wear your mask much longer and have better vision out of your paintball goggles if you have a fan system installed. With the Paintball Mask Ventilation Fan System, you can turn your mask into a nice air conditioned cooler in the hottest games.

This mask ventilation system will also help keep your lenses from fogging by reducing humidity inside the lens area of your mask. The fan will not dry your eyes out and will keep your face from heating up, allowing more comfort and less annoyances when you play.

The paintball mask ventilation system will fit most masks and is run by three AA batteries to last for hours of play. Upgrade to the mask ventilation system upgrade kit for an extra fan to plug into your system; two fans will keep you much cooler than one!

Buy the paintball mask ventilation system from Choicepaintballguns for a great low price. You will love this novel product that will definitely upgrade the performance of your mask and your skills on the field.
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