Paintball Invasion New Jersey - Field Review
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My buddies and I play on a paintball team called South Jersey Impact and sometimes visit a field called Paintball Invasion in Jew Jersey.  This is a review of this field. This commercial park offers both speedball and woodsball fields to play on.  The quality of the speedball field wasn’t too bad, but we’ve played on better.  The grass needed to be cut, and the bunker layout wasn’t the best.  Their snake bunker was kind of sad and there were no Doritos either; I give their speedball field a 3 out of 5 stars.  The quality of the woodsball field on the other hand was fantastic.  The layout is great and the bunkers were phenomenal; there wasn’t much vegetation to hide behind but enough to help with cover as well.  I rated their woodsball field as 4.5 out of 5.
The customer service at Paintball Invasion New Jersey is outstanding; a definite 5 out of 5 stars.  We brought our own paintball guns and had many problems with them that day; their tech department fixed them all free of charge so we could continue to play and they were really great about it.  They even took the time to suit up my picky girlfriend for the day and put up with all her whining!  Compared to other commercial fields we’ve played at, the pro shop at Paintball Invasion seemed to be somewhat lacking.  They had very few markers, paintball masks or other gear for sale and it’s too bad because we would’ve bought some. 
As for the pricing of it all, Paintball Invasion wasn’t half bad.  Unlike most fields, the paintballs were fairly priced, however they seemed a bit high on the CO2 tank refills.  Overall we all spent about $30 for an entire day of play, which is about mid-range compared to others, however the speedball field wasn’t worth it.  I thought they should’ve offered some kind of team discount, however we’re not regulars so I understood.  If you’re a speedball team, Paintball Invasion will leave you wanting, but woodsball players will be greatly satisfied and worth the money to play.

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