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How To Add a Scope To Your Paintball Gun

   You're ready to upgrade your T68 Gen5 or RAP4 METS paintball guns with an awesome scope.  Finally some optics to really seal the deal on your opponents....they'll never know what hit them!  The 4X28 Tri-Rail Scope or even the 3-9X40 Rubber Armor Scope would be nice.  You buy your scope, nwrap it, take it out of the box and then do you attach the scope to the gun?


   Some guns already have a rail to mount the scope on.  Most scopes mount to 'weaver style' rails; these are standard types of rails that are common to most tactical paintball guns (as well as real assault rifles and guns).  In most cases, your scope will not mount directly to the weaver rail, you will need 'scope rings'.  These are what actually holds the scope to the mount.  Check out the 'Ring Mount' and the 'Quick Release Ring Mount' found on our website.

   First of all, look at your gun and decide if you want your scope mounted on top of your carry handle or to replace it.  On some guns, the carry handle does not come off so you'll have to mount your scope on top of the handle.  The T68 Gen5 carry handle can be removed; the RAP4 METS paintball gun cannot.  If you have a T68 Gen5, you can take off the carry handle and mount your scope rings directly onto the weaver rail that's there.

   If you want to mount your scope on top of the carry handle on the T68 Gen5 or RAP4 METS paintball gun, you need a scope mount first.  Take a look at the M16/M4 Scope Mount on our site (you can find it in the 'General Accessories' section).

                        M16/M4 Scope Mount

   Then, after you've got your scope mount set, you need to attach your scope rings to the scope mount.  Then you can add your scope to the scope mounts.


   So mounting your scope should be pretty easy if you have the right equipment.....for a T68 Gen5, you will need your scope rings and/or the M16/M4 scope mount to attach to the carry handle.  If you have a RAP4 METS paintball gun, you will need your scope rings and the M16/M4 scope mount.  If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact us at

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