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How To Apply Camo Wrap To Your Paintball Marker

How To Apply Camo Wrap To Your Paintball Marker

Now you can turn your paintball marker into just about any color camo you want!  RAP4 has come out with a type of 'foam-like' tape you can stretch over your paintball gun or just about any of your other paintball equipment.  You can wrap it around your paintball scopes, Red Dot Sight, CO2 or HPA tank, binoculars, helmet or even your paintball mask.  It comes in Desert Camo, Digital Camo, Desert Digital Camo, Woodland Camo, Mossy Oak, Black and ACU.  Not only does it color your favorite paintball equipment, it also gives it some added protection against scratches as well as improves your grip on the item.

camo binoculars

Camo Wrap does not leave a sticky residue on your gear like tape.  It's made of a heavy duty stretchy fabric that clings to itself as it's wrapped on the paintball gun/item.  It stays solidly in place and won't sag even in wet weather; it's also washable and re-usable!

You can also apply camo wrap onto items other than paintball equipment, like thermos bottles, knives, real firearms or any type of outdoor gear you want to camoflage and add further protection to.  Of course when you're applying camo wrap to firearms, you will want to follow standard safety precautions.....  Make sure the firearm is not loaded and the safety is in the 'on safe' position; position and point the barrel of the gun away from you at all times.  

When applying camo wrap, make sure it does not interfere with the safety or action of the firearm or paintball marker.  If this occurs, remove the camo wrap and reapply in a manner that allows for the proper function of all the parts.  If your paintball marker or firearm has rails (with nothing mounted to them), avoid applying camo wrap to these parts so as not to clog/interfere with the rails.  Once you have something mounted to the rail, however you can wrap over them and cover the added accessory as well (for example, a mounted scope, laser or sight).

Here are some instructions about how to apply Camo Wrap.....

camo wrap1
 1. Start by holding the beginning of the roll in place on the object you want to wrap
camo wrap2  2. Stretch and wrap Camo Wrap around the desired object.
camo wrap3  3. Overlap the first wrap 1.5 inches, then overlap each successive wrap by 1/4 inch.
camo wrap4  4. Camo Wrap can be cut and attached to hard-to-wrap areas. DO NOT WRAP MOVING PARTS. DO NOT COVER FLASH SUPPRESSOR VENTS, PORTS OR CARTRIDGE EJECTORS.

For best adhesion, apply Camo Wrap in temperatures above 40 degrees Farenheit (5 degrees Celsius). To clean and help maintain self-cling properties, remove camo wrap from the object and hand clean with soap and warm water.  Rinse thoroughly and air dry.  Store your Camo Wrap in a sealed plastic bag away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.

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