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Players Of All Experience Levels Choose Nxe Paintball Gear Because It’s Durable, Reliable & Affordable. Here We Offer The Best Selection Of Nxe Pod Harnesses, Protective Equipment & Paintball Pants On Sale For Cheap Prices

When first starting to play paintball, most of the emphasis is placed on finding the best paintball gun, however top quality accessories are also a must.  Protective equipment, professional apparel and a pod harness to carry your paintballs are important basic supplies every committed player will eventually own.  To ensure consistent fun on the field, avoid cheap quality accessory gear that may break down easily with intense play.  Nxe paintball equipment is stylish, super durable and a top choice by players of all experience levels; here is their complete collection…
NXe Harnesses

NXe Harnesses

Empire 20" Harness Belt Extender - BlackEmpire 20" Harness Belt Extender - Black
NXe Tank Covers

NXe Tank Covers

NXe Elevation Universal Tank Cover (Large)NXe Elevation Universal Tank Cover (Large)
NXe Elevation Universal Tank Cover (Small)NXe Elevation Universal Tank Cover (Small)
NXe Paintball Pants

NXe Paintball Pants

NXe Elevation Series PantsNXe Elevation Series Pants

If you’re picky about the quality of your paintball gear (and you should be), Nxe equipment will not let you down.  This company offers extremely durable paintball accessories including top rated pod harnesses, protective padding for the chest, neck, arms and legs and stylish, comfortable competition paintball pants.  Nxe paintball equipment makes it possible to completely outfit yourself with the best quality accessory gear and not have to spend a lot doing it. 
Of all their equipment, Nxe is perhaps best known for their excellent paintball pod harnesses.  Even after your first time playing, you will find an immediate need to carry paintball pods full of ammo as the speed of the game tends to empty hoppers quickly.  Low quality harnesses may be uncomfortable to wear and often slide down the body restricting movement.  Cheap harnesses can also make pod removal difficult, causing you to be slower to refill your paintball gun with ammo – this can cause you to lose the game!
Nxe has set the industry standard for paintball pod harnesses, with many other companies copying their technology.  Nxe offers several different styles, colors and models of harnesses with also a great range in pricing, however all have terrific quality.  Not only are Nxe pod harnesses extremely durable but also ergonomically fitted for the body and comfortable to wear.  All Nxe harness models are based on adjustable body wrap belts, fitting most sizes, however extenders are available for larger players.  They also feature a unique pod ejection system with textured pull tabs to make for the easiest and fastest  release during action.
Nxe equipment is also well known for top quality protective paintball gear.  Their chest protector is a rigid material offering total protection for the torso much like body armor, however contoured for ease of movement.  Their elbow and knee pads offer triple layered impact absorbing padding over the joint, sewn into a moisture wicking lycra sleeve that’s both lightweight and super comfortable to wear.  Nxe also produces a paintball neck protector and air tank covers made of a neoprene based material that’s super protective, pliable and stays put when attached.
Finally, no accessory outfit is complete without a pair of professional paintball pants.  Most serious players will agree, even if you don’t have a complete uniform, a pair of paintball pants are a mandatory purchase if you want to truly excel in competition.  Nxe offers the best paintball pants in the business by far.  Not only are they extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, they are also protective as well.  Nxe pants have 4-way stretch panels to enhance movement in any direction and mesh lining to keep you cool at all times.  They also feature hi-density foam padding over the knees for extra protection with kneeling, crawling and normal high intensity play.
For the best quality, most durable, top performance paintball accessory equipment for a reasonable price, Nxe paintball gear is the smartest choice.  For the most professional look, buy a set of matching pants, pod harness and full body armor protective padding from Nxe and get completely outfitted.  At Choicepaintballguns, we carry the full line of Nxe products because they have the best quality for the cheapest price.  Buy this brand of accessory supplies from our store and you will also get top rated service, affordable shipping options and an overall easy, fun shopping experience.

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