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Climbing the ladder of competitive paintball.....

Climbing the ladder of competitive paintball.....

~Midwest Assassins Paintball Team

My name is Travis Sauer and I'm Captain of the Midwest Assassins from Perryville, MO.  We started our team back in March of 2004 and since then it has grown tremendously.  We started with division 3 competition in 2004, moved to division 2 in 2005-2006, and have played in division 1 ever since.  Don’t get me wrong, we have definitely struggled, practiced and trained to get where we are at now.  

We play a lot of speedball and have recently branched out to playing tactical paintball.  Now we have a second Midwest Assassins in a nearby town in Kirkville, MO; I'm captain of both teams.  We are also making more branches of the Midwest Assassins Team; we want a Northern and Southern chapter next.

Our first team in Perryville, MO is made of: Captain Travis, Assistant Captain Kyle, Field Captain Jacob, Charlie, AJ, Jerry, and Lil Jon.
The Kirksville, MO Midwest Assassins team is made of: Captain Travis, Assistant Captain Scott, Jason, Kelso, Whitney, Brian. 

Recently, our teams took a trip to Florida on July 21 - 26 for a Florida state paintball tournament.  We played hard and also had a booth set up with our sponsor’s logos, advertisements and banners everywhere.  The first day we took 8th out of 48 teams.  The second day we didn't do as well but and placed 20th out of 52 teams.  On our third day the team played awesome and we took 4th out of 60 teams and this put us in the finals.  At the finals there were 18 teams in all and everyone was totally excited that we made it this far.  So Thursday was the big day and everyone was ready to play their hearts out. 

Overall, we played pretty good and ended up 4th in the finals and won the sportsmanship award.  We won some new guns and air tanks, pants, gloves and masks.  Next we plan on signing up for the NPPL and SPPL for next year.  I think the Midwest Assassins are ready for the next step. 

Our team is sponsored by only the best sponsor: ChoicePaintballGuns.com. Please check them out; they have the best prices on paintball guns, paintball masks, pods, paintballs, and everything tactical paintball.  They have the best selection of tactical paintball guns and excellent customer service. 
~Captain Of Midwest Assassins~  
Travis, Kyle, Scott, Jacob


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