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Consistent Accuracy Can Only Be Achieved With Top Quality Paintballs. Karnage Brand .68 Caliber Paintballs Offer A Great Variety Of Several Grades; Best Paintballs On Sale For Cheap Prices

Recreational Paintballs

Recreational Paintballs

Karnage Bite Field Grade Paintball (2000 ct.)Karnage Bite Field Grade Paintball (2000 ct.)
Tournament Grade Paintballs

Tournament Grade Paintballs

Karnage Tear Premium Grade Paintballs (2000 ct.)Karnage Tear Premium Grade Paintballs (2000 ct.)
X-Ball Triumph Paintballs – 2000 CountX-Ball Triumph Paintballs – 2000 Count
Good quality paintballs are essential for uninterrupted play, no matter which type of game you fancy.  Cheap, low quality paintballs often have inconsistencies in their shell, causing them to fly erratically and miss their mark.  Bad paintballs also tend to break inside your marker, leaving a messy clean-up and frequent gun maintenance issues.  What most beginners don’t realize is not all paintballs are created equal.  There are many different formulas of paint, as well as multiple different gradients of quality produced by numerous different companies.  If you’re not sure where to start, Karnage is a brand that produces the best quality, most consistent paintballs at cheap prices.

When it comes to paintballs, you get what you pay for.  Lower gradient paintballs are cheaper, however may have more inconsistencies in the way they shoot.  Premium (tournament grade) paintballs are more costly but are much more reliable and will make a big difference in your shooting consistency.  Karnage .68 caliber paintballs come in two recreational grades to be used for practice and two premium grades, used more for competition play.
While most recreational grade paintballs are fairly low quality, Karnage .68 caliber recreational and field grade paintballs are known for their hardiness and cheap price.  These make excellent practice balls and are affordable enough for regular use.  Karnage brand recreational and field grade paintballs are also commonly seen in bulk at commercial fields as well.
Moving up the gradient ladder (and upping the price range a bit), Karnage also offers a premium blend and tournament level paint.  These balls have terrific consistency and are great to use with expensive, sensitive tournament style paintball guns.  Karnage premium and tournament grade .68 caliber paintballs have a lighter, thinner shell that breaks a bit easier on impact for no-question eliminations in competition situations.
Karnage .68 caliber paintballs are also unique because they are one of the few producers of a “winter formula” paint mix.  Paintball season is definitely in the warmer months, but for the hardcore player who likes to practice and play year round; winter formula paintballs can help bridge the gap.  Karnage winter formula paintballs stay liquid in very cold temperatures, allowing play to continue in frigid climates.  They also have a sturdier shell that can withstand lower temps without becoming more brittle.
It only takes a few shots to realize even the lowest grade Karnage brand paintballs are far superior to most.  With several grades and numerous different colors of paint fill and shell color to choose from, it’s easy to use Karnage paint for every occasion.  At Choicepaintballguns.com, we have researched numerous companies and manufacturers of different paintballs to offer the most reliable product for the cheapest cost.  That’s why we’re proud to sell Karnage brand paintballs.  If you require a specific color, please contact us first so we can check availability; color choices are not guaranteed.
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