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Experience The Fastest, Lightest, Most Inexpensive Competition Paintball Maker With The Empire Invert Mini. Buy The Invert Mini Paintball Gun For Sale At The Best, Cheap Prices Found Online

Most players start out with a basic level paintball marker but end up buying another more expensive gun after their skills improve.  While this is the most common approach, it’s also the most costly, however with the Empire Invert Mini, unnecessary.  The Invert Mini is an electronic paintball gun that’s great for both beginners & advanced players and will save you money from not having to buy two different guns!  Excellent for beginners, Empire’s Invert Mini paintball gun is extremely inexpensive, easy to wield and a cinch to take care of.  Advanced players love the Mini because of its weight, technology, speed & efficiency.

Once upon a time a team of innovative thinking paintball physicists sat down to answer the question, “how can we make a paintball gun that’s ultra light, super small, extremely fast and cheap to buy?”  Empire’s answer was the Invert Mini.  How do we know they were physicists?  Because only a master of physics would be able to cram so much technology into such a small package!  Weighing in at just under two pounds, the Invert Mini paintball gun is the lightest and smallest electronic marker available today.
The Invert Mini is not only easy to wield because of its size and shape, it’s also amazingly efficient on air and battery power.  This electronic paintball gun runs primarily with compressed air; it does not take CO2 (CO2 can actually damage this gun).  If you’re using a 68/4500 hpa tank, you will marvel at getting an incredible 1400 shots at 275 fps.  If you turn up the velocity to 295 fps, you can get approximately 1200 shots from the same size compressed air tank. 
Depending on how you customize the Invert Mini marker, this competition paintball gun is capable of 20+ bps.  The Invert features a 9-volt battery that lasts an incredible 100,000 paintballs.  The Empire Invert mini paintball marker operates at an amazing low pressure of 160-200psi.  With an electronic trigger that features multi-mode firing capability that includes NXL, PSP, NPPL and Milennium competition modes, the Invert Mini makes the best paintball gun for whatever tournament you enter.
The Invert Mini paintball marker is also a dream to clean and maintain.  Stripping is quick with only one screw; the bolt guide, bolt and bolt return spring simply slide out the back of the gun.  There are also only two sets of wires to deal with that connect the battery and solenoid to the board; this makes life much easier if you want to change out/upgrade your board.  There are also no hoses to get in the way, crimp or break on the Invert Mini.
Despite being deceptively simple, the Empire Invert Mini was born after five years of intense research and trials.  The confusing thing about this gun is its inexpensive price.  Top technology, ultra light, super efficient, sleek design, great speed, ease of maintenance…the Invert has all the elements of a $1000+ top level tournament marker.  But for some reason, these guns are less than $500 – a steal at a cheap priced $325!
If you’re looking for a high performance competition marker in a small package, check out the Invert Mini.  For the best deal, contact us at ChoicePaintballGuns and we will be glad to offer you a great package deal when bundling your Mini with a paintball mask and compressed air tank!  We offer many different colors of the Empire Invert Mini, however if you’re looking for a custom color we don’t have featured, contact us and we can most likely get it for you at a cheap, discounted price. 

Here is a great, honest review of the Invert Mini from a member of one of the paintball teams we sponsor, Mitch Harvey.  He enjoys using the Invert on a regular basis for the many speedball competitions he competes in...

"I personally own an Invert Mini and one main reason I like it is because of how light it is, easy to use and comfortable in your hands.  To me, the Invert Mini has the perfect weight for a competition paintball marker; it is one of the lightest guns, but it’s not so light that it’s hard to handle.  This paintball gun rapidly fires like a dream. 

When the Invert Mini sits in your hand, it feels so natural; like it just belongs there.  The grip of this marker perfectly molds to the layout of your hand.  You can also adjust the trigger position back and forth to allow for the most comfortable pulling distance.  This will be an individual thing to accommodate for different sized hands and fingers.  I personally like the trigger one centimeter or less away from the grip so it’s a small pull to fire. 

Another reason the Invert Mini is a great gun to use is that it’s so easy to clean.  The bolt is taken out quickly by the simple removal of one screw; you can clean this paintball marker in less than a minute and be ready to go.  Overall, this gun is fast, small and pretty much a breeze to use; this being said, there are a few cons to the Invert Mini.

When the Mini first came out, many people experienced errors with their performance.  However, after a few years and on their third version, most of the bugs have been worked out of the Invert.  The mechanics of the Invert Mini are rarely a problem, but the barrel it comes with leaves a bit to be desired.  Personally I have upgraded my invert barrel to a lapco big shot barrel for better accuracy, but I honestly didn’t think the stock barrel was bad enough to complain about. 

So far, I have played in three tournaments with my Invert Mini and it has not failed me yet.  It turns on by simply holding the button on the grip down for one or two seconds – easy and quick.  There are also many upgrades for the Invert you can buy such as grips, barrels, ball detents, bolts, springs, and asa’s.  In conclusion, the Invert Mini is a great paintball marker for practice and tournament style play; it’s an all around good buy and I would highly recommend it." -Mitch Harvey   
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