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Invert Mini

Invert Mini

Invert Mini
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Paintball is an active sport with lots of movement. A few games of running around carrying a big heavy paintball gun will leave your arms tired and your lungs gasping for air. If you’re a front man playing in tight spaces you need to be able to react quickly, move forward and take cover without much thought. Big paintball markers are not only difficult to carry and slow you down, but they are more difficult to react with because of their size/weight, not to mention possibly sticking out when you’re trying to stay covered.
The Invert Mini paintball marker is one of the best paintball guns for both advanced and beginner players. The Invert mini weights less than 2 pounds without the tank or hopper! It actually holds the record for being the smallest lightest and fastest paintball gun, making the Invert Mini extremely easy to carry game after game. It’s perfect for playing in tight, because of the way the Invert Mini is set up. With the fore grip extremely close to the trigger, this forces you to keep your elbows in playing tight to the bunker. React faster in any situation with the Invert Mini! This gun is capable of firing 20 paintballs per second with power and accuracy.
Invert wanted the Invert Mini to be a quiet and powerful paintball gun. So they made it an inline poppet valve marker. These are the best kinds of paintball guns because you get the air efficiency and power of poppet valve gun with the smoothness and tactical quietness of a spool valve gun. It also has a gas-through grip eliminating the need for macro lines. This eliminates the possibility of airline leaks which cause the gun to lose power, accuracy and consistency.
The Invert Mini has an optic board in charge of the eyes and trigger’s firing sequence allowing you to adjust the pull length, stop points and sensitivity of the trigger. It has a three point adjustable trigger that allows you to fine tune the amount of pull with a very smooth feeling magnetic return. The Invert Mini also has a programmable board in charge of your firing settings; semi-automatic, ramping, PSP, NXL, & Millennium ramping; customize till your heart’s content.  
The Empire Invert Mini also features a Break Beam Anti-Chop Eye system that prevents any chopping of paintballs, making clean up and maintenance of your gun extremely simple. This tournament style marker is also really easy to take apart and reassemble making regular maintenance a dream. If you’re a beginner and need to get comfortable with the mechanics of a paintball gun, the Invert Mini makes is a great gun to learn on.
Unlike other paintball guns, Empire’s Invert Mini comes with great stock parts. Many owners have tried upgrading the gun with new parts but end up switching back to the stock parts, because they work best. For how cool of a marker it is, the Invert Mini is already a very inexpensive paintball gun. The fact that you will not have to spend more on aftermarket parts and upgrades makes this gun even cheaper in the long run. The Invert Mini also comes with a clamp style feed neck, detailed easy to follow manual, extra parts and a handy collection of tools to help completely service your marker.
Despite being very reliable, the Invert Mini also comes with one of the best one year warrantees on the market; Empire really stands behind this paintball gun and for good reason. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, if you’re looking for a fast, lightweight tournament paintball gun that’s powerful, accurate and great for playing in tight, the Invert Mini is one of the best out there.

•Weighing in under 2 lbs (including barrel, ASA, 9volt battery and regulator)
•Multi-mode firing capability with easy tournament lockout
•Clamping feed-neck with Ion (Smart Parts)/ICD threads
•"Cocker" threaded 12" barrel
•Spring Returned bolt
•Magnet returned trigger.
•Only 2 sets of Wires (quick disconnect wires connecting battery to the board, and the solenoid to the board).
•One Screw Quick Strip - Bolt guide, bolt and bolt return spring then simply slide out the back of the gun.
•Uses a Hall effect sensor
•Volume chamber in Grip Frame
•Two stage bolt system
•Control Button Located Back of Front Grip
•Stock Barrel is .691
•It won't like CO2 at all; this gun must use compressed air
•Works at 160-200psi
One year limited manufacturers warranty

Here at Choice Paintball we offer the already inexpensive Empire Invert Mini paintball gun at the best discount price possible. We make it easy and affordable for you whether you’re a beginner or pro to get a tactical edge while on the field with the Invert Mini paintball marker. Once ordered, we will ship your new Invert safely and promptly to you; please contact us with questions at any time. 
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Awesome performance!Awesome speed and super lightweight; it feels like you're holding nothing. With the right hopper, this thing is destructive and you will win many games. Written by Tai Jay on Wed 13 Jun 2012 5:09:53 PM GMT
I fell in love with this gun!The Mini has never once let me down. It’s simple, light, compact design made it reliable and very useful to me as a snake player. It kept up with any of the Ego’s we played against and brought home a few tournament wins for our team. I later tried a Dangerous Power G3. I can’t complain about the gun itself, but nothing felt “right” in my hands after using the Invert Mini. So I eventually bought another Mini and love it just the same. Written by Mike Koehnke on Sun 11 Sep 2011 4:37:13 PM GMT
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