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Scenario Paintball & Realistic Milsim Training Require Markers That Are Realistic, Reliable & Accurate. Here We Offer Maxtact Magazine Fed Paintball Guns & Tactical Rifles For Sale At Discount Prices

For the most realistic experience on the scenario battlefield, a magazine fed paintball gun is the only way to go. Compared to all the hopper fed guns, a magazine fed paintball assault rifle will give you a tactical advantage in both appearance and performance. If your opponents have beat you to the punch with similar weapons, choose the most reliable brand that’s readily upgradable and comes with the best features. Maxtact magazine fed markers are military grade paintball guns that have set a new standard for power, accuracy and range giving you the tactical edge over your opponents no matter what type of equipment they have. 

Built onto a sturdy carbine replica receiver, Maxtact magazine fed paintball guns are perfect for the beginner or advanced player.  These tactical markers are ideal for ultra realistic scenario paintball, however also make an excellent tool for authentic milsim training.  Maxtact paintball guns are packed with stand out features that make them incredibly lifelike, super durable and easy to maintain.  These markers are also surprisingly affordable, making them available for most budgets and volume purchasing for teams or military units.
With a Maxtact magazine fed paintball rifle in your hands, your ability to intimidate your opponents will give you a new confidence on the field.  The weight and balance of this gun will allow you to move quickly and unhindered; its ergonomic grip is comfortable in your hands.  Maxtact tactical markers are lightweight, easy to wield and powerful but have very little recoil; even beginners can shoot these guns accurately.  Even though Maxtact paintball rifles are readily equipped for long range shooting, their speed and precision makes them a great choice for any position on the field.
When you own a Maxtact tactical paintball gun, you will quickly fall in love with its magazine system.  These rifles shoot .68 caliber paintballs loaded into fully functional spring loaded magazines.  Customize your Maxtact marker for your particular scenario with either 12 or 18 round magazines that are also First Strike compatible.  Maxtact magazine fed paintball guns average range is 150 ft., however an amazingly accurate 230+ ft. with the deadly precise First Strike sniper paintballs. 
Purchasing a Maxtact magazine fed paintball gun is a great investment because these markers will last as long as you desire to play.  You will never get tired of your Maxtact rifle because of how incredibly customizable they are.  These guns operate with either CO2, hpa or N2 with their tank hidden discreetly inside the stock for the most realistic look and feel.  A lengthy top rail and RIS handguard make the perfect platform for adding a sniper scope, sight, laser or other tactical accessories. Maxtact paintball gun barrel threads are compatible with Tippmann A5 or X7 barrels allowing for numerous customization options.  Maxtact markers will also accept numerous .68 paintball magazines manufactured by different suppliers.
Adding a Maxtact magazine fed paintball gun to your arsenal is a smart move if you want the best scenario experience possible.  These guns not only look the part but their performance will raise your status on the field to nothing short of legendary.  Whether your application is woodsball or the most realistic training simulation, a Maxtact paintball gun will not let you down.  You will also find the cheapest prices and best selection of these guns and all their accessories at our online store.  At ChoicePaintballGuns, it’s not only easy to find what you’re looking for, but we have top rated service making sure your order goes smoothly and professionally.

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