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GoG eNVy Paintball Gun

GoG eNVy Paintball Gun

GoG eNVy Paintball Gun
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When you're just getting started in paintball, use a marker that's reliable, accurate to shoot and easy to maintain. You also don't want to pay a lot for a gun when first getting started in case you end up not enjoying paintball as much as you thought you might. 

The GoG eNVy paintball marker will make sure you have a fun time on the field no matter what! The GoG eNVy paintball gun is an excellent starter paintball gun; if you're looking for something reliable, affordable and effective on the field, this is the gun for you. 

Even though the GoG eNVy was designed for entry level players, the technology used in these guns easily rivals most top level tournament style markers; the GoG eNVy will hold its own matched against some of the best markers in paintball. 

The GoG eNVy will shoot 11 bps right out of the box. Upgrade the GoG eNVy with a blackheart board and enjoy 25 bps instantly (see options below)! The GoG is powered by a simple 9V battery; one battery will last roughly 20,000 shots. 

The GoG eNVy is compatible with either CO2 or hpa. Its amazing consistency and reliability is mainly from the Max-Flow R vertical regulator which controls the gun's pressure. The eNVy also boasts a 2 point adjustable trigger which allows you to adjust the length and feel of the trigger pull. 

Easy maintenance and reliable, consistent shooting make the GoG eNVy a great paintball marker for both the beginner or advanced player. At ChoicePaintballGuns, the price is also right! This gun is easy to obtain at our store... our checkout process is simple, secure and convenient! 

- 11 bps (upgradable to 25+ with Blackheart board upgrade)
- Hammer-free electro pneumatic design
- Semi-auto, Fully automatic & 3 round burst trigger modes
- Powered by 9V battery
- Multi gas operation
- Light microswitch trigger
- 2 point adjustable trigger
- Bolt out back design for simple maintenance
- Low bolt pressure anti-chop technology
- Field legal
- Seal forward technology
- Max-Flo R vertical regulator
- Vertical feed breech & clamping feedneck
- Standard Smart Parts barrel threading
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