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Tiberius First Strike Paintballs (100 Rounds)

Tiberius First Strike Paintballs (100 Rounds)

Tiberius First Strike Paintballs (100 Rounds)
Copper-yellow shell, blue fillSmoke-yellow shell, yellow fill
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You will have a huge advantage on any field you play if you're the most accurate shot in the game. Use Tiberius First Strike paintballs as your secret weapon! These paintballs are specifically designed for the precision sniper with a Tiberius Arms paintball gun.

Tiberius First Strike .68 caliber paintballs use a combination of aerodynamic shape and fin stabilization technology to deliver the accurate ammunition in paintball. This technology allows First Strike paintballs to maintain their velocity longer, resulting in a 50% greater range and unbelievable precision.

First Strike paintballs are only compatible with Tiberius Arms paintball guns that are First Strike ready. Older model Tiberius Arms markers must be upgraded with a First Strike conversion kit; available for all Tiberius Arms paintball guns.

Even if you don't own a Tiberius Arms paintball gun, the unrivaled accuracy and range from First Strike paintballs is worth buying one just use these paintballs! You will be amazed at the difference.

Buy Tiberius First Strike Paintballs (100 rounds) from Choicepaintballguns and we will drop ship them immediately to you. We will process your immediately; let us wow you with our customer service and how easy it is get your paintball supplies from our store.
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