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Gift Certificates Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

My team is looking for sponsorship or team you offer this?

We will be glad to offer discounts for groups/teams when buying in bulk.  Call or email us what your looking to buy and we can see if your 'group' order qualifies for additional discounts.  We also have a great sponsorship program; read this article for more information....  Please note that you must ship the entire order to one address to get a group discount.  Email  Send us pictures and team info and we'd love to post articles about you on our site.  If you have a cool paintball website, contact us and we'll trade links.

When will my order be shipped?

If you selected UPS Ground Shipping, after your order is processed (usually 1-2 days), your shipping time will be 5-7 business days, depending on where you live and depending on what you order.  All orders containing CO2 must be shipped by ground since CO2 cannot be shipped by air.  If you pay by check, your order will not be shipped until the check has cleared, usually 10 business days.  Money orders are treated as cash and are processed without delay.

How much will it cost to ship my order? How long will it take to get to me?

On volume orders or price quotes, we will gladly tell you these things in an email, but you must first send us an email telling us: what/how much you're ordering and where it's going (full address).  On regular orders, please figure these things out by yourself simply inputing the correct information in the cart/order processing screens of our website.  How fast you get your order will depend on what shipping method you choose, where it's going and what you order.

Is that the lowest price you can give me?

At, we strive to bring you the lowest prices we possibly can - to the point that lowering the prices any more than what's on our website will cause us to lose money.  Sometimes there are certain items that are on sale and discounted further, but these will generally be showcased for everyone to see.  We are however, glad to offer you group or volume discounts that will usually be lower than what's advertised on our site.  We are also glad to offer deals on specific/custom packages; just email us a list of what you want, we'll send you back a quote and probably a link to it.

Can I track my package?

Yes, we will send you a UPS tracking number as soon as your order is shipped out. Please note, that tracking numbers are not good until UPS scans them into their computers and posts the information on their website. So it may take up to 24 hours after you receive your tracking number for it to give real time information about your package. Visit to track your package once you have a tracking number. Please note that our tracking numbers are sent in an automated process and sometimes different Email companies consider our emails spam as they are sent in a bulk fashion. If you didn't get your tracking number please email us and we will send you the tracking number by hand.

How do you handle backordered products?

If your order is temporarily out of stock, it will be shipped as soon as we receive it; however we will let you know ahead of time.  All backorder items will be shipped using ground service unless other arrangements are made.  Due to fluctuations in availability, we reserve the right to substitute items ordered with similar products of equal or greater value, however we will do our best to contact you before doing so.

What is your return policy?

Please take a moment to examine your package and make sure you have ordered and recieved exactly what you wanted.  Contact us immediately at if you have any concerns so we can issue you an RMA number.  All returns must be accompanied by an RMA number and invoice or they will be refused.  All returned merchandise must be unused , in new condition and in it's original packaging.  We will not accept merchandise in it's own box covered with shipping tape and labels. This means that if it is open, used or the box is destroyed it cannot be returned.  Returns will not be accepted after 30 days.  Returned merchandise will be charged a 30% restocking fee. Shipping charges are not refundable.  Customer assumes responsibility for any shipping charges on returns.

How do you handle defective merchandise?

If there is a manufacturer's defect with your product, please contact the manufacturer but we will also do our best to have the manufacturer issue a replacement for you.  Please note, we are not a warranty repair station.  For warranty repair please refer to the product's manufacturer.  We do not test any guns or products before they leave here.  We assume that the products are working when we get them.  If you happen to get a gun that is not working you must refer to the warranty of the manufacturer.  This is a standard online paintball store policy.

Do you offer a refund on returned merchandise?

After receiving your authorized return, the items will be inspected to make sure they meet the conditions of our return policy.  If the items do not meet those conditions, they will be returned to you at your expense.  If the conditions are met, we will refund you the appropriate amount by the same method you used to pay for your order.  We will not refund you for items damaged in shipping due to incorrect packaging on your part.

How safe is my payment information?

Generally the internet is much safer than using your credit card at your local gas station or restaurant. In most cases no human will even see your information. We work to protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you input. Your credit card information remains encrypted on our servers for added security.  After your order is placed we don't retain your credit card information.  So there is NO CHANCE for loss of this information EVER.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept payment from all major credit cards; Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  You can also use a money order or personal check.  Personal checks are not recommended however as they will delay your order; we must wait for your check to clear first before processing your order and this may take upwards of 10 days.  We do not accept debit/bank cards as payment on our website, you must use a credit card, money order or personal check.

When I placed my order I got an error message; did my order go through?

No.  If you got an error message when you placed your order, your order did not go through.  You will also not receive an order confirmation email from us and your card will not be charged.  You will get error messages if your billing address is a P.O. Box or if you try to use a debit/bank card for payment.  You will also get error messages if your billing address is typed incorrectly or wrong.

I got an error message when I placed an order but my card shows it was charged.

If you try to use a debit card on our website (and many other sites too), your order may be declined and will not go through.  Sometimes this will cause the amount you tried to charge to be held by your bank until they recieve confirmation from our credit card bank that your order was declined.  If you actually talk to a person at your bank (and not an automated operator), they will tell you that the amount is 'pending' and not actually withdrawn from your account. 

Is playing paintball safe?

It is safe, however paintball guns are not toys.  These guns look very real.  Most people cannot tell the difference between a paintball gun and a real one. Therefore, the police will take any action you take with this gun as if you were handling a loaded weapon.  It is wise to use paintball equipment in a controlled and specified environment.  We recommend that all paintball players use a high degree of discretion when transporting their equipment, such as cases or bags suited for the item.  This will keep on-lookers from public paranoia of the sport.  Do not fire your gun anywhere except on the field during the game, or in the designated chronograph area/shooting range. Inspect the lens of your goggles for cracks or signs of weakness. Make sure your mask is well seated and will not come off during the game. Make sure the velocity of your gun is under 300 feet per second. Always assume the gun is loaded, even if you know otherwise, and that safety devices won't work. Unload the gun when not in use. Upon receiving or retrieving a gun, check to see if it's loaded. DO NOT look down the barrel, even while wearing protection. If barrel needs checking, remove it from the gun and check it. If the barrel cannot be removed, disconnect all CO2/HCA equipment, test-fire the gun downrange until no more gas is left in the gun, clear the breech or ball loading area, and then, carefully and while wearing goggles, glance down the barrel.
  Anytime you are carrying a paintgun in a safe zone, such as the parking lot or staging area where people are not wearing goggles, you MUST have a barrel plug in the barrel.  Know the rules of the game and abide by them. Never remove facemasks or goggles while on the field.  Do not shoot animals or wildlife.  Do not play when very tired, injured, feeling faint, hungry, or otherwise under par. Most injuries occur at the end of the day when players are exhausted.  Notify the field owner or manager of any medical conditions, allergies etc.
  This is not a complete listing of safety rules.  Players should always read and abide by the rules set by the paintball field as well as adhere to all safety warnings and instructions provided by the manufacturer of any equipment they are using.  Use common sense at all times.

How about a quick 'overview' of safety tips?

Treat a paintball gun as if it were a real weapon.
Always handle a paintball gun as if it were loaded.
Never allow children to have access to paintball guns.
Any person under the age of 18 should use the equipment only under direct and constant adult supervision, if at all.
Never look directly into the muzzle/barrel.
Always wear proper safety equipment that protects your eyes, ears, face, and head. Ordinary glasses or safety goggles are NOT enough. Do not remove this safety equipment even for a moment.
Always wear proper clothing and safety equipment that protects your entire body. Body armor and vests are highly recommended.
Never store or transport a gun loaded with ammo or CO2.
Always store and transport equipment in a proper bag or case.
Always store equipment in a safe and secure location.
The safety should always be 'on' until ready to fire.
Keep your finger away from the trigger until ready to fire.
Never fire in the direction of someone's head, especially at close range.
Be aware of your target and the area beyond your target.
Do NOT remove safety markings.
Never expose a paintball gun in public. Even with proper safety markings, a paintball gun could be mistaken for a real weapon.
CO2 cartridges, canisters, tanks and cylinders should never be exposed to extremely hot or cold conditions. Even direct sunlight or a closed car on a warm day can lead to excessive temperature.
Proper maintenance should be preformed periodically to insure proper functioning and safety and should be done only by qualified personnel.
Never attempt to repair equipment that has experienced actual or suspected damage or malfunctioned.
Never attempt to modify equipment. 
There are numerous State and Federal laws and regulations that govern the sale, shipment, transport and possession of paintball guns and accessories. Be sure to know and observe all laws and limitations.
Use common sense and treat paintball guns and accessories as if they were real weaponry.

General Safety
Paintball guns are not toys. 
A paintball gun should be stored, handled, and cared for in the same manner as a real weapon.
Always handle a paintball gun as if it were loaded and ready to fire.
Never allow children to have access to paintball equipment.
Paintball pellets are shot with significant force. Eye, ear, face, and head protection should be worn at ALL times. Do not remove this equipment even for a moment. 
Even with the legally required safety markings, the guns look very real. Most people cannot tell the difference between a RAP4 gun and a real one. A mistake could result in devastating consequences. Law enforcement personnel and other people may react to a paintball gun in the same manner as a real weapon.
Never remove safety markings such as the colored tips.
Never assume that the safety markings will prevent someone from thinking a paintball gun is not a real weapon.
Always transport paintball guns and accessories in a proper bag or case. 
Never handle a paintball gun in public. A mistake could result in devastating consequences.
CO2 cartridges contain high pressure. Never expose a cartridge to excessive temperatures. Never attempt to refill a disposable cartridge. Always follow instructions for tanks and refillable cartridges. Never dispose of a cartridge that still contains CO2. Even empty cartridges can explode if exposed to high temperature.
Extreme care should be exercised in the repair a paintball gun or CO2 cartridge. In the event of any actual or suspected malfunction or damage, we recommend that the equipment immediately be removed from use and returned for evaluation by qualified personnel.
Never attempt to modify your equipment on your own.

Eye, Ear, and Face Protection....
Paintball pellets are shot with significant force and can cause serious injury or death if proper safety equipment is not used at all times. 
Eye, ear, face, and head protection should ALWAYS be worn. 
Ordinary eyeglasses or safety goggles are NOT enough. Paintball safety equipment is designed to withstand the impact force of paintball pellets and to protect you from the paint. Ordinary glasses and safety goggles do NOT provide adequate protection.
Many injuries (especially eye and ear injuries) occur when safety devices are removed for just a few seconds. Do not remove safety equipment even for a moment. Many of the serious injuries have occurred when safety equipment was removed for just a few seconds.
Your eyes, ears, face, and head should ALWAYS be completely covered by proper equipment such as goggles, mask, and helmet.
Never fire at the head of another person, especially at close range.
All parts of your body should be completely and thickly covered. Body armor and vests are highly recommended.
Your eyes are the most vulnerable part of your body. Serious injury and blindness can occur from impact. Paint from paintball pellets can cause loss of visibility and possible blindness. 
Ear injuries can occur as often as eye injuries. 

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