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Empire E-Vents Paintball Mask - Blue

Empire E-Vents Paintball Mask - Blue

Empire E-Vents Paintball Mask - Blue
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If your paintball mask is too hot and uncomfortable, it can make for a long day at the field. The best masks are not only protective, but lightweight and flexible with padding in all the right places - this makes your mask easy to wear for long periods of time. The Empire E-Vents paintball mask is comfortable, protective and affordable.

The Empire E-Vents paintball mask is one of the premier, top of the line paintball goggles in the market today. Super sturdy and extremely popular, you will see this mask all over the paintball field - for one reason... if you don't have one, you're out of the loop and hopefully you're either in the process of getting one or waiting for yours to arrive!

Sleek design and extremely comfortable to wear make the Empire E-Vents mask the choice of champions and beginners alike. With an adjustable goggle strap, the E-Vents mask is one size fits all and ready for custom fitting. This mask is also very easy to put on and take off in an instant.

Soft foam ear pieces in the E-Vents mask not only add comfort but help deflect paintballs if they happen to hit this area in the line of fire. The soft faceplate is re-enforced by a flexible yet strong mouth guard which allows the front of the mask to flex on impact, but stops full paintballs from pushing through or lifting it up, thus protecting your lips and mouth.

Another great feature of the Empire E-Vents mask is the high quality, anti-fog thermal lens that's easily changed with quick release tabs built into the mask. It takes less than 30 seconds to change out your lens. This is great for cleaning or quick maintenance in the middle of battle.

Don't worry about being weighted down while you're on the go in the middle of a match... the Empire E-Vents goggle is very lightweight and has a patented venting pattern that will keep you breathing easy in even the most heated situations.

Anti-fog, easy change out lenses; soft, flexible, yet protective rubber; comfortable foam ear pieces and molding inside the mask and a great ventilation system make the Empire E-Vents paintball mask the most commonly used in paintball. If you're looking for the best mask for the money, this is it!

Buy the Empire E-Vents paintball mask from ChoicePaintballGuns and know you've made the right decision. We only sell the best quality, hottest ticket items and try to do so at the lowest price possible to keep your paintball hobby affordable. Our checkout process is easy and secure.

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