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Dye C8 Tournament Elbow Pads

Dye C8 Tournament Elbow Pads

Dye C8 Tournament Elbow Pads
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Dye C8 Tournament Elbow Pads will take you right into the winner’s bracket and give you excellent protection! Their features are unique and unlike any other paintball elbow pad. Their lightweight airprene body is pre-shaped to conform to the natural bend of the elbow allowing the pad to provide ultimate comfort and flexibility. They also feature a new cup-shaped elbow pad that wraps around your elbow for a more custom fit. This goes beyond the pre-shaped fit of the airprene section.
The Dye C8 Elbow Pads have new holowed EVA forearm padding. This new style of foam wraps all the way around, covering the inner arm and providing more protection. The hollowed chambers of this new foam allow more air circulation around the forearm by keeping areas of the pad away from the skin, giving the pad a lighter feel. On top of this, C8 Elbow pads have new vent ports that provide a 4-way stretch air-mesh to offer optimal air flow to your forearms.
Dye C8 Tournament Elbow Pads have gel inserts that are highly impact resistant and help absorb brute force created from intense slides and dives. An adjustable strap allows you to tighten the elbow pad to your liking and helps keep the pad in place. These elbow pads also feature an integrated Slider Glove. This acts as a glove without the extra hindrance of covering your fingers. This new comfortable design provides reinforced palm protection to help against abrasive slides, while the back of the Slider Glove features neoprene compression for added protection to the back of the hand. The placement of the Slider Glove helps to prevent the elbow pad from sliding up your arm and offers unrestricted movement allowing you to have maximum control and feel of your marker.

  • Lightweight Airprene Body 
  • Dye Micro Injection Logos 
  • New Cup Shaped EVA Foam Elbow Pad 
  • New Holowed EVA Forearm Padding 
  • New Vent Ports 
  • Gel Inserts 
  • New Adjustable Strap 
  • New Integrated Slider Glove 
  • Elastic Finger Loop

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