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Project Salvo Paintball Gun - Tan

Project Salvo Paintball Gun - Tan

Project Salvo Paintball Gun - Tan
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Woodsball is great fun but only if you have reliable gear. If your paintball gun isn't accurate or powerful enough to hit anything, you'll be more of a target than a threat on the field. This is why you should use the US Army Project Salvo paintball gun.
The Project Salvo tactical marker is a very realistic .68 caliber paintball gun that's easy to shoot accurately with no modifications at all. This gun is great for beginner's because it's simple to take care of and requires very little maintenance besides regular cleaning.
The Project Salvo is part of Tippmann's US Army Series of realistic tactical markers, so you can be sure that it's well built and will not let you down. Tippmann has the highest standard of quality and backs all of their products with solid warranties and excellent service.
One of the best things about the Project Salvo is that it's so realistic. This gun features a six position collapsible and foldable stock that's great for quickly transforming your marker into an awesome sub machine gun. The realistic AR15 style shroud has four built-in picatinny rails that make a nice platform for adding other accessories.
A vertical grip works perfect on this gun, but nothing is more fierce than adding a realistic M203 paintball grenade launcher underneath the Project Salvo's hand guard. The Salvo also features a mock AR15 style magazine that doubles as a nice little storage compartment for a tool kit.
Finally, the Project Salvo marker also incorporates a flat-top Picatinny rail built onto the top of the receiver, which makes it simple to quickly add a carry handle, site, scope or a variety of other mods. This gun is compatible with all accessories that work on the US Army Alpha Black or Tippmann 98, allowing virtually endless customization possibilities. 
Buy the Project Salvo tactical paintball marker from ChoicePaintballGuns for a super cheap price. The cost of this gun leaves plenty of room for further modifications, like an electronic trigger, cyclone feed system or Flatline barrel; see below for links to these products.

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